I just need to say goodbye to the world...


1. Goodbye World

I don't love my life,

Actually I hate it.

It means nothing to me,

Cause there's no love in it.


I think I'm in depression

Darkness took my heart

It's all black

I need a friend to hold on to.


But I don't have any.

Ok maybe some,

But they don't love me,

They just pretend to.


I need real friends,

That'll love

And care about me.

Save me from darkness.



I don't need them.

I just need someone

That'll understand me.


I think I just need


I think my body dies

Without it.


I need you,

Can't you see it.

My world is black

Cause you are gone.


You left a jagged hole

In my heart

And nothing can fix it

It's bleeding black now.


I thought you loved me

But I guess you didn't

I need someone 

That'll love me truly.


But I guess that

I meant to be alone,

I can't stand it anymore.

So I guess; goodbye world.

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