Is there really someone that has find out what is really love like?


1. Love

Love, love, love

You are so mysterious.

You confuse my head,

I can't understand you.


Love, love, love;

That I've always believed

And wanted.

But I just can't find it.


Love love, love;

Please find me.

I'm really alone,

I need someone.


Love, love, love;

Please don't leave me.

I don't have someone that loves me, 

But you keep my heart beating.


I don't know why

People hate me this much.

I'm just a normal girl,

But I guess I meant to be lonely.


I admit it,

I'm not that perfect.

But why do they always



I don't want people 

To hate me.

I just want to find out,

How it feels to be loved.

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