What? Why? Please?


1. *Introducing The Characters*

Eden's POV

Went out today with Jack. I actually think im in love with him. NO! I cant be! I love Harry thats why im with him I cant just fall for another guy like that I just cant! Anyway even if I was im totally friendzoned .Jack is dating Jess and he loves her. You can see it in his eyes. I hate Jess so much she is only doing it to get back at Alex. She is a selfish cruel bitch!

Jack's POV

Eden invited me over today we watched this really freaky DVD I think it was called Insidious or something like that basically it was about this boy and he got possessed by this devil when he was in a coma. It was so freaky but I had to pretend it wasnt you know so I didnt look like a big scardy cat. I think I love her. I know I shouldnt because im with Jess but she only starting fancying me after she and Alex split up. Its a bit werid come to think of it. Eden said she thinks shes just using me as a rebound but I dont know she acts like she loves me and you cant just put that on can you?

Harry's POV

Eden and Jack met up today I know they have been best friends since they where 4 but I cant help but feel jealous. I know Jack used to have a MASSIVE crush on Eden but then she got with me and Jack got with Jess to be honest I think he still loves her and is just using Jess as a cover up. Jess is a total bitch anyway its so stupid. It makes me want to scream thats she hurting Jack like that he is one of the coolest guys out there.

Jess' POV

Hahaha Jack is so oblivous he is such an idiot to think I would ever love someone like him. Its working its making Alex jealous he will be begging for me to take him back soon enough. Then we will be happy and Jack will be able to piss off back to being the single freak he normally is! I cant believe im kissing that idiot just to get back with Alex but ill tell you what its going to be so worth it!

Alex's POV

Saw Jack and Jess in town today as soon as Jess saw me she stuck her tongue down his throat honestlty like I am bothered I am the one who dumped her. I fancy this new girl in school she just moved from America her name is Taylor. After I dumped Jess loads of rumours went around school saying some pretty crude stuff about me so I bet she heard about that when I smile at her she just puts her head down I have got NO chance with her all because of a fucking stupid ex girlfriend!

Taylor's POV

First week at the new school I love England. There is a super cute guy named Alex. When I first got here there was loads of shit going around about him about him raping her but I doubt it. Surely if someone got raped they wouldnt have a new boyfriend the next day and be sticking her tongue down his throat every ten seconds. I got told by a few of the girls I have made friends with that Alex was giving me 'the look' which is basically when he likes someone. If he liked me I wonder why he hasnt spoke to me. Maybe its because everytime he smiles at me I put my head down and walk away im so stupid!


These are the characters basically I want it Eden and Jack together and Alex and Taylor to get together but i want various problems to face them i dont know what though and i want jess to try and murder eden and then jess dies i know im telling you the story but thats just the basic outline if you would like to be a co-writed tweet me -   @jbsrockmyworld or comment in the comment section thank you xxx





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