A Guide to Becoming a Somebody in 2 Minutes

Darcy Jones, contestant number 90562, X-factor underdog.

I had gone from a girl from a place no one had heard of, to someone everyone wanted, everyone from everywhere knew my name. I was just Darcy Jones, the underdog, the girl that Google Earth wouldn’t find if I was dressed as a sky Scraper in the centre of London. But not anymore, now not just Google Earth could find me now, but every part of Google could. Now I was on my route to Stardom, I wasn't the average 16 year old potato any more...


2. Miami heat

'2. Try not to make a complete fool of yourself infront of cool people..."

Miami was the furthest place I’d ever been, and it didn’t help that I didn’t like flying either. This was the first big girl adventure; I’d never been away on my own apart from on a camping trip in year 5, which was the worst experience of my life, ever, ever, ever. I hadn’t really made any friends with the other girls in my category, they were all older than me, and by the looks they’ve been giving me, I think they had felt threatened by me.

I looked down at my i-pod, ‘Please connect to power source’, I sighed considering we still had an hour left of the flight. What was I meant to do now? I decided to tune into the girls conversation in the seats behind me, I glanced quickly to see who it was between the gaps in the seats. Charlotte, the girl with pink hair, covered in piercings was sitting next to Lucy, who was the sweet yet dramatic 19 year old, who got kicked out last year. I never liked her, she was way too stage school, but I was going to keep that I was happy she got kicked out last year a secret.

“Never guess who is rumoured to be coming to judge’s houses this year?” Lucy had such an annoying voice; she should really just stick to singing!

“Who?” I was as interested in who this person was as Charlotte was,

“One Direction! Oh’ my god, Harry might want to like marry me!” Lucy sounded like she was about to hyperventilate, but I wasn’t that interested in them.

After about 20 minutes of listening to Lucy’s horrible voice going on about her becoming ‘Mrs Styles’, I decided I’d put back on my headphones, even though my i-pod was now completely dead. If Harry was smart he wouldn’t go anywhere near Lucy, let alone marry her!

‘Please put on your seatbelts, we are about to make our decent into Miami airport. We hope you enjoyed your flight with us today.’ No, I hadn’t enjoyed the flight one bit, and thank god I could get off and escape. I quickly put on my seatbelt and pack away my stuff into my back pack, somehow thinking that it would get me off quicker. As soon as we landed, I made a runner to get off, thanking all flight attendants for ignoring me most of the flight, (I’m joking but if I was paying, I would of complained!)

All the contestants seemed to have found a friend, or at least someone they could talk to but me, I had no one, maybe it’s because I was the youngest, or maybe it was because I was the most famous here, but all I knew was no one had bothered to make the effort to even say a word to me. This meant I spent most of the car journey to where ever we were going, in complete silence, headphones with no music playing; the other girls were full of excitement, ‘ohhing’ and ‘ahhing’ every few seconds, but I didn’t feel welcome in doing that either. So I just sat, watching Miami flash by me, for a whole 2 hours’ drive. (Yes, it was torture.) But in my head I told myself, ‘I was here for a competition, it didn’t matter no one liked me, because I will kick their sorry butts when it comes to the singing anyway. Having a friend would just make it harder in the long run, I mean who wants to compete and beat their best friend?’ But the truth was, if I didn’t talk to anyone over the next few days, I would go insane, have to pull out the competition, go to a mental place where I’d slowly crumble away until the day I died; completely loopy, with only 50 cats for friends.

“Welcome to judges houses girls and congratulations on getting this far in the competition. But this is where 6 of you beautiful girls who stand before me, go down to 3. So work hard, I only want the best of the best, so I will see you all tomorrow.” Tulisa told us, as we all nervously looked around, checking out the competition, and at that moment I lost all confidence. I thought it would be an easy ride, but looking at all the other girls, I realised I could be kicked out of the competition as easy as any of them could.

“But before I go, I think you ladies, might want to know who will be helping me as a judge…” I could feel the excitement building in the two girls either side of me, including the future Mrs Styles to my left, who sounded like she was about to hyperventilate any second. “Please welcome not just one but 5 judges, One Direction’, Great, exactly who I didn’t need, some sort of teenage boys that are obviously going to go for the hot girls, just my luck because fame had not yet changed the potato in me.

One direction walked out of some large double doors behind Tulisa, I glanced across to Lucy who had actually started crying and laughing, all at the same time. Everyone else was either screaming or smiling, so I smiled and laughed a bit, just to blend in. Normally I’m the blediest, blender around but today, I felt like I was standing there naked. (Actually thinking about it, standing in front of one of the biggest boy bands in the world naked would be… I can’t even think about that happening! I’ve already feeling sick at the thought!)

Anyway, One Direction said some words about how excited they were and all the usual x-factor phrases used almost every year, but I’d zoned out of the whole situation as soon as they’d come out. I zone out way too much, most of the time I don’t realise I do it, but normally ‘zoning out’ never ends well for me.

“Hey, its Darcy right?” I was snapped back to reality, realising that I was the only one now standing on the grass and the other girls were now gone. Great, look like the weird one Darcy!  I looked up to One Direction, they were staring at  me, like I wasn’t really with it. I smiled, and let out a sound, which was like a strangled mouse, wearing a corset. They smiled at me, my face burning with utter embarrassment.

“Yeah, I am… Erm.” I looked down, “I should go…” I made my way up the step to where I guessed the other girls went to find a room or something. “This way right?” I asked a curly hair guy, that I recognised as Harry, from a gossip magazine I’d flicked through earlier.  He laughed,

“Yeah, and good luck Darcy.”

“Thanks…” I smiled at them all once more, before going through the door. Why was I such an idiot?

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