A Guide to Becoming a Somebody in 2 Minutes

Darcy Jones, contestant number 90562, X-factor underdog.

I had gone from a girl from a place no one had heard of, to someone everyone wanted, everyone from everywhere knew my name. I was just Darcy Jones, the underdog, the girl that Google Earth wouldn’t find if I was dressed as a sky Scraper in the centre of London. But not anymore, now not just Google Earth could find me now, but every part of Google could. Now I was on my route to Stardom, I wasn't the average 16 year old potato any more...


4. Lies

'4. People will use under-hand tactics in order to get you to fail. Keep your head high and hit them back twice as hard!'


I’d spent most of the morning practicing my song for the audition over and over again; the rest of the girls had gone out with One Direction to see the Miami sights, then had come back and were splashing away in the massive swimming pool, which I could kind of see from my bedroom window. But I had no interest in that anymore, why would I want to spend my day with a bunch of girls who hated my guts and a boy band I wasn’t interested in? The producer had come to see me, trying to persuade me to go on the trip with the girls, “It’ll make good TV.” He said, but I just told him the competition meant more to me and I was going to stay back and practice, it turns out that in return for not going out with the girls I had to make a dramatic V.T that they could show in the programme that explained why I was staying in. So, the camera crew came to my room, they sat me down on a seat near the window so they could see Miami behind me, Dermot sitting next to me and this is what happened;

“I’ve just decided I’d rather say in today as this competition means a lot to me and I feel I need to practice my audition instead of going out today.” I nodded; I really wanted to get this over and done with,

“Okay, I think that’s a good plan.” Dermot said to me, and that was it. The producer smiled at me, before signalling to the camera man to stop filming, and then they all left, thank god! I can see it now, me watched by millions of people, with some dramatic music in the background as I tell Dermot the most pointless news ever! Really what was the big deal, it is a competition after all, and it was illegal for me to be drinking in America anyway, I’m not exactly a party girl. My ideal night is finding some old Doctor Who episodes on TV, putting on my PJs, and stuffing my face with chocolate, washed down with a cup of super sweet tea!

I lent my guitar up against my bed and walked over to the window, there they all were having a great time without me. Even though I didn’t actually like any of them that much, deep down I wanted to be having a good time, I wanted to be liked by them. I didn’t like being the odd one out, all over again.

“Hey, why don’t you come down?” I almost jumped out of my skin; I mean seriously, can a girl have no privacy? I turned round to see Harry standing there, a towel wrapped round his shoulders, his hair dripping wet.

“Do people not knock here in Miami then?” I asked him, but he smirked. Why was he so annoyingly hot?

“Nice to see you too Darcy, you know most people would be pretty happy to see me in my trunks standing in their bedrooms!” I laughed as I walked over to him,

“Exactly, most people.” I sat down on my bed, “Anyway, I don’t fancy going out?”

“Why not?” He asked, the girls had obviously not been bitching about me behind my back then? He sat on next to me on the bed,

“Hey! You’re all wet!” He looked at me, but completely ignored me, “I think if you asked one of the other girls, they would prefer me not to be out with them, I found out yesterday they hated me, I found them bitching behind my back.” Harry went silent, my mobile bleeped in my pocket. I grabbed it and looked at the screen; it was a message from some random girl who I’d never really talked to at school, weird.

‘Hi Darc, I’m super soz, but I had 2 tell you. I was searching online and I found this, www.gossip101.com/x-factor. F.Y.I, it’s all lies. I think u r gr8. Love Leah J xxx’

What an earth? I got up and walked over to the laptop that was in my room. It was a super snazzy Apple Mac as well, but I didn’t want to make a big deal over it because the other girls were saying how normal it was.

“Darcy, you alright?” Harry asked, but I ignored him, I needed to know what Leah was going on about. I pulled up the internet and typed in the web address she’d sent me, by which point Harry was standing next to me, glancing over my shoulder the loading page. Then I saw it, and mine and Harry’s mouths dropped open.

‘Darcy Jones~ the real girl…’ The top of the webpage read, followed by a picture of me, and not a great one might I add! It was written by someone called ‘Glitter Girl 2000’ last night. I scrolled down a bit more, and there was the article.

Darcy Jones, you may know her as this year’s X-factor sweetheart, the 16 year old underdog who won over the judges with her ‘amazing’ Taylor Swift style voice and charming personality. But we bring you the truth about her from an X-factor insider, as she tells us about the real Darcy Jones we never get to see.

“She never talks to anyone; she’s strange and keeps herself to herself.” Our source tells us, “We try to make conversation but she just completely blanks us out for no reason. It’s like she thinks she’s better than all of us.”

All the contestants are currently at the Judge’s houses, where Darcy and the other girls are in Miami with their judge Tulisa. For some this would be a trip of a life time, but apparently not for Darcy,

“She is obviously a spoilt brat at home; this is an adventure for most of us. But not for Darcy, she doesn’t seem to care about anyone else; she didn’t even get excited about seeing the house or anything. She is not even coming out on the day trips, she must be used to this 5 star treatment.”

“She’s also making the house really awkward for all of us, we just want to enjoy it but she’s making it horrible for everyone. Just the other day, she had a go at us for no reason, completely out of the blue! I mean who does that sort of thing?! The public needs to know that Darcy Jones is not the sweet, innocent 16 year old, they think she is.”

Darcy has even been trying to hook up with teenage heart throb, Harry Styles, who is there to be part of the girl’s judging panel,

“He’s there as a judge, and she’s leading him on! Harry is not interested in her, but it’s obvious she is trying to get his attention all the time! It’s getting boring now! This is the real Darcy Jones!”

Only time will tell if Darcy will still keep the large amount of public support now we know how she really acts, and how far she will get in the competition.’

“Oh’ my god! I can’t believe this! Back stabbing bi-“

“Is this true?” Harry interrupted,

“No way! I told you these girls hated me, one of them had made all this up! They want me out the competition, they want people to hate me Harry! What do I do?” I looked at him, as he thought. People were going to hate me now.

“Tell the producers; tell them that it’s all lies. That someone in the competition went to a gossip website to get you kicked out of the competition. I’ll back you up; it’ll be okay I promise you.” He smiled at me, “Just don’t tell the girls you know about it or they could delete it.”

“But people will hate me now, the public won’t vote if I get through!” I sighed, I was in deep poo!

“Look, I’ll do something about that.” He lent across me and clicked around on the computer,

“What are you doing?” I asked him,

“Making sure we can find it later, evidence.” I laughed, “I’m going to go find someone about this. Wait here.” Then he walked out the room. This was just what I needed right now!

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