A Guide to Becoming a Somebody in 2 Minutes

Darcy Jones, contestant number 90562, X-factor underdog.

I had gone from a girl from a place no one had heard of, to someone everyone wanted, everyone from everywhere knew my name. I was just Darcy Jones, the underdog, the girl that Google Earth wouldn’t find if I was dressed as a sky Scraper in the centre of London. But not anymore, now not just Google Earth could find me now, but every part of Google could. Now I was on my route to Stardom, I wasn't the average 16 year old potato any more...


3. Haters

'3. You will get people who don't like you, also know as 'haters', don't worry about it. They want to see you fail, so prove them wrong.'

I was still getting over the whole One Direction thing; I mean how much worse could it of gone? Actually, knowing me, a lot worse could have happened, but let’s not go into my other idiot moments. I made my way up a large staircase, and the further up the stairs I went, the more I could hear the other girls, which meant I was in the right place. I heard Jenna, an northern girl talking in her loud, booming voice,

"Seriously, like she thinks she's in with a chance with him! Oh' my god!" They were gossiping, another reason why I wouldn't fit in with them, I wasn't interested in other people's business.

"She soooooo did that on purpose! Can’t believe that, like Harry would ever like Darcy, she’s well weird.” Lucy chirped in, the girls all started giggling, they were talking about me. I didn’t know what to do, spy on them, go storming in there really dramatic like on a film or something? I was now almost at the top of the stairs, so I sat down on one of the steps, just in the right place to see the girls without them seeing me. So I’d resulted to the spying option, because if I walked in there I wouldn’t know what to say,

“She thinks she’s so good, just because she got most TV time, I hope she mucks up her song here.” Jenna again, I laughed, how dare she! She wasn’t that good herself!

“She’s good but I don’t really know…” I didn’t recognise this voice, but they were the only girl who wasn’t completely slagging me off,

“Oh’ come on! She’s nuts!” Okay, I’d had enough of this now. I looked down the stairs, One Direction were standing there, talking to a producer or someone; I stood up, before looking down again. Just Harry looked up at me, raising his eyebrow, he must think I am completely strange now; I ignored him and turned round to make my way up the stairs.

“Yeah well I guess…” The girl I didn’t recognised said, but I’d had enough, I made my way to the room where the girls were and walked straight in. The room feel into complete silence, all the girls looking at me in complete shock.

“If you had something to say about me, I’d prefer you told it to my face.” I tried to hide my smirk at that impressive line I’d just pulled from nowhere. The girls looked at each other before Lucy spoke,

“Your room is down the hall, third door on the left.” I stared at her, before swishing my hair, super dramatically as I turned and left the room. As I walked down the corridor, I could hear them all begin to start talking again, but I didn’t need to listen to them anymore. I got that they all hated me, but to deal with it and kick their butts, now it had become more important to me that I got through.  

I opened my door to my room, which was huge! It was mainly white and silver, and sleek, like the sort of bedroom you see in a magazine or on the internet when you go pretend holiday shopping, (maybe that’s just what I do?) I closed the door, double checking there was a lock on it, I wasn’t taking any risks with these girls, I didn’t know what lengths they would go to so I would leave the competition. I turned the lock, before walking over to the massive bed in the middle of the room, with its crisp white sheets, and the millions of silvery cushions neatly arranged on it. This was crazy, this wasn’t my life! I was used to my tiny bedroom, with my pink walls which had stayed the same colour since I was born, my walls covered in pictures and posters and my mismatching furniture. I didn’t even have a TV in my room at home and now I had a humongous, 3D, HD, flat screen TV, opposite my amazing bed.  

Okay, so this was how it was going to work for me here, whilst the other girls were out partying and generally having an amazing time, I’d be in here sleeping, rehearsing, or watching Wild Child on my snazzy TV, stuffing my face with all the fancy food I could get here. Then when I’m not in here, I will be trying to tan my pasty skin, or performing to Tulisa or maybe giving some interview to Dermot as that’s what normally happens. For me, normal, no one Darcy, my plan was perfect. Who needs to party in the trendiest place ever, where they might ever come again?! Exactly.



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