Louis and I

This is my newest story. It's not an Imagine. It's more about thoughts


2. Time To Go To Nandos

"Is this the surprise?" I say to Louis when we get to Nandos. "Only part of it." He replied. It got me excited. I felt so happy around him, he was like my rainbow. He's a cutie, he's sweet, he helps me with my university homework, I love him and he loves me back. It's perfect! As we eat he looks at me with those adorable eyes. They're to cute. I can't help but say awwwww when I see them. I didn't this time though. I just looked back and kept eating. But he didn't seem to happy with that. "I'm sorry." I said to him. "About what??" Louis said purplexed. "Doesn't matter!" I said back. I kept eating because what I ordered, was actually really delicious. Lip Licking worthy.
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