Louis and I

This is my newest story. It's not an Imagine. It's more about thoughts


4. Lets Go To The Beach!!

We drive off and he puts a blindfold over my eyes. When we get to the last destination and he walks me down the steps when we get down the steps he leads me to the exact place we'll be. We trip over and we just can't stop laughing. He takes the blindfold off and shows me what were doing. There's a rug on the sand, candles around it, a boom box and picnic basket. "Oh my gosh!" I say. "It's beautiful." I sit down and so does he. He gets me some food to eat. We feed eachother. He takes my hand when we finish a d pulls me up. He puts music on and we dance. A slow song comes on and I have my head on his shoulder. I take my head off his shoulder and he leans in for a kiss. When we finish kissing he asks me something. "Will you move in with me?" He asks me. I answer. "Of corse." We've been together for 2 years. We are still in love.
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