moments with you

i really don't know what to right about this story, but please please please read it!!


2. that call

i unpacked the groceries and was setting up the bathroom when my phone rang, i ran to the kitchen and answered it "hello?" i said excitedly "hey Jess whows the unpacking going?" asked my brother "ohh" i aid dissapiontingly "whats rong?" he asked "nothing, i was just expecting a call from someone else" i said "who?" he asked "dont worry" i replied "so hows the unpacking going?" he asked again "alright i went grocerie shopping, unpacked the kitchen and now im etting up the bathroom" i replied "cool, so the furnitre is coming tomorrow" said Sam "great! thanks for helping me with this" i said "your my sister id do anything for you" he said "i know you would" i replied "so do you want me to come over and help tonight?" he asked "no, we realy dont have anything to do until the ret of the furniture comes" i replied "ok well i better get back to Alanna" he said "k bye" i said "bye" he replied as he hung up. i put my phone back on the bench and finished setting up the bathroom and took a nap.

i woke up to the sound of my phone ringing in the kitchen, i ran quickly towards it and answered it "hello?" i said "hello is thi Jess?" asked Niall "yes...Niall?!" i asked excitedly "yeah hi!" he said "hey!"i said excitedly "i was wondering if maybe you wanted to go on a date with me tonight?" asked Niall "yeah id love to, what are we gonna do?" i asked "i dunno, i guess we'll find out tonight' he said "ok, what time?" i asked "6?" he suggested "sound perfect" i replied "ok ill see you tonight" i said "yup cant wait" i replied "me neither, bye" he said "bye" i replied as i hung up, i put the phone down and ran to my room, i was so excited.  

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