moments with you

i really don't know what to right about this story, but please please please read it!!


1. meeting Niall

"where do you want this box?"asked my bother Sam " ill take it" i said as i took the box from him, i walked to an empty room and opened the box, their were photos inside it, they were pictures of my parents. i quickly shut the box, i felt tears coming to my eyes. i put the box down next to me. "jess!" called Sam, i quickly wiped the tears from my eyes "are you alright?" asked Sam as he walked into the room, "yeah, fine" i replied '' so whats in the box?" he asked "nothing, nothing......just some old posters" i replied, "ok well, Alanna just called is it alright if i go see her?" he asked "yeah course" i replied "sure?" he asked "positive" i said "ok well just call me if you need me" he said as he hugged me "i will" i replied "bye" he said as he walked away "bye" i replied, i kept unpacking. after id set up my bedroom i shoved the box of pictures under my bed. i now had to unpack the kitchen, i had nothing to put in the cupboards or fridge, so i had to go grocery shopping, i made a list, went down stairs and got in my car. i started driving towards the grocery store, when the song Gotta Be You came on its my favourite song, i started singing along until i got to the grocery store. i hoped out of the car and grabbed a trolley. 

about an hour later, id almost finished my shopping. when i realised i missed one thing, the potatoes, i was walking towards the vegetable place when i bumped into a boy, "are you alright?" i asked "yeah, I'm fine" said the cutest irish accent in the world, "your.....your....your" i said as i fell to the ground. 

"hello?" asked the boy as i opened my eyes "your Niall!" i said "yes I'm Niall" he replied "i can't believe this!" i said "so...whats your name" he asked as he helped me off of the ground, "I'm Jess" i replied "hello Jess" he said. the way he says my name makes me melt, "how old are you?" asked Niall "I'm 18" i replied "so am i" he said, his phone start ringing, he picked it up and answered it, "hello?" he said "I'm in the middle of something" he said "oh fine" he said "ok ill be there soon" he said as he hung up "i really have to go, but could i have your number?" he asked "my number?' i asked "yeah" he said "sure"i replied, he passed me his phone and i typed my number in, "ok well it was really nice to meet you Jess, ill give you a call later" he said "yeah, um bye" i replied "bye" he said as he started walking away, i picked up the potatoes and walked towards the counter. i bought the food then drove home. i still couldn't believe that id met Niall Horan! 














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