Please, Don't.

Rebecca Johansen is a pretty average teenage girl, her grades are pretty normal - B's and C's. But the things she's been hiding for so long have finally come out.
What will happen when she meets her idols who basically saved her life?


3. Chapter 2

“Sit down both of you right now!” Ms Ferny shouted, we both nodded and sat down in her small bland office. “Miss Turner and Miss Johansen, I am so ashamed of you right now, aren’t you supposed to be best friends? I cannot believe you two right now, you both very well know that you have broken the code of conduct, you are both senior leaders, and the other grades are looking up to you,” Ms Ferny scoffed, “With all due respect Ms, I wasn’t the one who started the fight, Rebecca just lunged at me and I was hopeless, no one helped me at all, it was all her fault,” she said putting on her puppy dog eyes, “Ms it wasn’t just my fault! She started it, I swear!” I shouted standing up, “Rebecca sit down, I have no choice but to suspend you both for seven days starting today, grab you bags and wait outside the office, I’m calling your parents immediately and asking them to come and get you” Ms Ferny yelled.
We both stood up and walked outside the office, I didn’t bother speaking to the bitch, suddenly a car pulled up outside the office, “Sam, in the car now,” her mum shouted getting out of the car and walking straight up to me, “Don’t you ever touch my daughter again!” she yelled pointing her finger in my face, I rolled my eyes and noticed Sam hadn’t moved an inch, “Mum lets go, she isn’t worth it!” Sam said pushing her mum towards the car, “Go fucking slit your throat and kill yourself tonight, everyone hates you!” she whispered, she laughed and went into her car and drove off. I couldn’t wait until I was home, I could finally cut again tonight and maybe just maybe, I’ll kill myself.

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