You are the best thing in my life (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Melody is an ordinary teenager, and as many teenagers she has a dream. Her dream is to live in London, for some reason she has always liked this city. People say that if you wish something from the bottom of your heart, this could come true, and thats exactly what happened to her. Not only that but she meets someone, a person that seemed special for her since the moment she saw him. What will she do not only with a dream came true but with another one that seizes her, that is not going to admit easily, a dream that as far or as close as it might be, its going to be the one that completes her happiness. Will she get over every obstacle that destiny has prepared for her? Will her best friend help or harm her while she is looking for her own happiness? And most important, will she ever get to be happy?


1. London, a reality

- Melody! Come downstairs, I have something to tell you! - I came down, I was prepared for anything but not what my mom was about to tell me -.

I lived with my mom, I was a happy girl, with my only friend, Darcy. More than a friend, she was my sister, she understands me, at least most of the times.
My mom had been working a lot recently, so that this could happen...

-What happen mom? Are you okay? - I asked -.

- Melody - she told me - we are moving -.

-What? Where?

- To London daughter, to London.

I feel as if I faint, London, that sweet name, since I remember, it has always been my dream going there. Its a city where dreams come true, for some reason, I have always thought that I was meant to be there.

But... there was something missing... my friend... My mother noticed that my expression suddenly changed...

- Yes, Darcy and her mom are coming too.

My mother and Darcy's mom worked together, now everything was complete, my best friend and I, in the city of our dreams.


So we get into the plane, that little trip was taking me to my dream. Moving was a bit long, but I was the first one to pack everything, I don't hate the place where I was living, but it was my dream, it has always been, and I couldn't wait to get there.

That single moment when I step London, you could say I was overreacting but, as far as my foot was out of the plane I felt as if everything was about to change, that my life was about to change.

However, I arrived home, and started unpacking with my mom. Darcy and her mother were going to live just next to us, I was so happy, we were going to be neighbours. So the evening came, and even we didn't finish, we went to sleep. Before going to my bedroom, I asked my mom if I could go on a tour the next day. She told me that alone, never.

I felt horrible, I mean, How come that I couldn't go on a tour to London? So I told my mom:

- But mommy, I'm going with Darcy, okay?

- No, you are just 15, I won't let you go alone.

- (I was about to cry)

- Okay ... tomorrow I got to go to work so I'll call to get you a guide and you are going with Darcy too, understand?

- Yes mom, thanks! - I said good bye, and went to sleep.

I didn't agree with the idea of having a tour guide, but ... at least I was going to sightsee London. I was so excited.


My mom woke me up before going to work, she told me to get ready because the tour guide had already arrived, and he wasn't actually a tour guide but he knew the whole city pretty well. So I dressed up and called Darcy but she told me she was feeling sick, so she couldn't come with me. I got really nervous, I mean, I was going to go alone with this strange, well, I was also going to know London, right? Then that was the only thing that made me want to go.

As is typical in me, I went down the stairs running, I use to slow down when I get to the end, and so it was then when I saw him. He wasn't an old man as I expected. He was a boy around 18 years old, he was wearing some white converse, some light coloured pants, and a white t- shirt. He was tall, with beautiful green eyes, brown hair with curls that fall perfectly around his face, as the frame of the most wonderful paint in the world. Since the first time I saw him I knew he was someone special, one of those you can easily found out how they are, totally good and happy, a ... perfect boy ... you might say. I felt so many things at the same time, things I can't even describe in words ... Would it be love at first sight? ...

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