You are the best thing in my life (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Melody is an ordinary teenager, and as many teenagers she has a dream. Her dream is to live in London, for some reason she has always liked this city. People say that if you wish something from the bottom of your heart, this could come true, and thats exactly what happened to her. Not only that but she meets someone, a person that seemed special for her since the moment she saw him. What will she do not only with a dream came true but with another one that seizes her, that is not going to admit easily, a dream that as far or as close as it might be, its going to be the one that completes her happiness. Will she get over every obstacle that destiny has prepared for her? Will her best friend help or harm her while she is looking for her own happiness? And most important, will she ever get to be happy?


2. A stranger at home?

I finished going down the stairs and got closer to him.

- Hello - he said with a smile on his face, I have to admit it was the most wonderful smile I have ever seen.

- Hello - I said.

He leaned as if he wanted to give me a kiss on the cheek but I ruined it stretching my hand, so he had to handshake with me. For some reason I felt really nervous but I took a deep breath and continue. However, we went out of my house and into his car, yes, this boy had a car. I sat in the front, next to him, we had an awkard moment of silence but when we stopped on a traffic light he started to talk:

- So.. arent you going to tell me your name?

- Right! - I forgot - Im melody, and you?

- My name is Harry, nice to meet you.

- And... where are we going?

- Wherever you want to - he said, one more time with a smile on his face.

We visited a lot of places in London, as much as we could, but when I rwalized it was 5:30 already and it was time to go home, so I told Harry. On our way home, it started to rain heavily and as we got into my house we were both completely wet. When we got inside, I offered him a towel and he accept it. As he was shaking I went to the kitchen to prepare him some tea.

-Harry, - I told him - sit down and get warm here - I gave him a blanket.

- Thanks Mel.

- Your welcome, in a minute Ill get your tea.

- No need to, sweetheart - he smiled.

- Im doing it anyways, just wait and watch some tv.

Okay, his tea was almost ready, but I couldnt help thinking the way he talked to me. I mean, a smile after each word, he called me sweetheart and all that... just could mean one thing, one of those flirty boys. I cant complain because he was a really nice person but, I have to admit it would be wonderful if a boy treats you and just you like that. But I didnt came to London for that, I came here to be happy, and I didnt need a boy in my life to be happy. At least for now, I just wanna be friends.

I gave him the cup of tea and sat in the same sofa but away. We watched a tv show, I think it was a comedy one cause he was laughing. I just pretended to laugh whenever he did cause my thoughts were too distracting.

Already 7 p.m. and my mom didnt arrived, and it was still raining hard. Finally I heard a car. It was my mom. She got into the house and I started explaining her why Harry was still  here - was rainig heavily... - my mom understood and insisted on Harry staying that night. She met him at work, I mean, her work send him to us so she felt as he had given me a tour the least we could do was letting him stay one night.

My mom went to sleep, she looked exhausted, and I stayed with Harry watching tv.

Yes, thats my mom, she can care a lot or not much about me, I mean, I dont distrust Harry, but hes still a stranger. At least he gave me anough confidence to feel comfortable with him around.

In a short time I fell asleep, and so did he... I think so. Suddenly I felt to hands on top of me, so I opened my eyes and it was the curl boy:

- I just wanted to cover you up, you look cold - he told me as he was covering me with the blanket.

- Thanks - I said trying not to blush - but I will go upstairs, come so I can show you the guests room for you to sleep.

- No, - he told me - it has already stopped raining, I better leave.

- No, dont be silly, come - I told him as I lead him upstairs.

I showed him his room and he stayed there, I went  to mine. My tought were distracting me completly, I have never fellt like that. I decided to go for a glass of water, and as I passed by Harrys room I saw him, he was right there, sitting, he wasnt asleep yet. I didnt came up with anything better than to ask him.

- Harry - I said - are you still awake?

- Oh yes, sorry, I cant sleep...

- Me neither, I was going for a glass of water.

- Can I come?

And so I fell again, one more of his smiles, how could I say no?...

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