The Big Bang

This is a story of love of two people of Liam Payne and Jessica Cowell...


1. Start...

Throw out old photos
We will make new
Outside the window, the fog and cold
But the heat in the hotel room

Lie down on the bed
Want a massage?
You want me to tell
How it's difficult to get up in the morning

When you do not have with me
When I do not care at all
If only you now, dear
Hug and not let go

Or a day without you hold
Wrapped in a blanket in a chair.
Sun, me without you
Life on earth is not interested

- I'm not going anywhere! Me and there is good! Why should I leave? - I yelled at the apartment so that the neighbors heard me. - Because, Jessica, this is a country! After your recent escapades I have to take action! I could tolerate it before, but now .. Cole, this is the limit! - Slowly dad, but knowing him, is about to begin .. -My patience came out, I say! FAST take your things and come with me! FOR YOU NEED to look closely, and always, Jessica, Liam SO WILL YOU WATCH! - WHAT? - I suddenly could not stand it! How could he? Send me to a nurse! I am an adult, I do not need a nanny, but I'm very good for anything! Just think, well, made a mistake, who does not happen? Show me this "perfect" man, I porzhem to vote on it. In every life there are bands. Black - poor, white - the so-called band of happiness and luck, and still is, though few people know about them, it is neutral to the rainbow stripes, as I may call them. This is a time when it was all smooth, no any changes, all in harmony. All I was fine, until the Pope. In his hands was a magazine. Like, how can quarrel because of the magazine? Because of this "yellow press", which is not worth anything in this world, but that we could. If no title, written on the front, then all would be well, and I continued to run my usual life. Living in the heart of London, hang out with friends in closed nightclubs, the sign that adorns the inscription «VIP», buy name brand clothes, earning a prestigious career as a singer. On the cover of the magazine «The sun» emblazoned title: "The well-known singer Jessica Cole again seen for the old." Then I do not know, because my father rushed shouting into my apartment and pointed only at the cover. But that was enough for me, in principle, like him. Now it looks like I'll be looked after. Nurses it, you see, I put a. I, 17-year-old girl who has the right to take care of herself, even despite the fact that in England to mature, with 21. To become a singer, I earn well, so even without the financial support of the Pope, I can handle it. - You heard me! Pack suitcases, baby, you're moving, and I'm selling this apartment! I give you an hour to collect all their 10 suitcases. The machine will call on you and take you to the right place. - Dad was all the same as before. Calm, without emotion, as before, as always .. I just had wanted to open my mouth and protest, he interrupted me. - This is not discussed, Jessica. I said everything. - With these words, he went to the door. Everyone knows that it is difficult to argue the decision, but rather, it is impossible. Dad kind of person that everyone should be so, as he sees it as he wishes. Goal-oriented person, and it has helped him in his life. Now he has his own corporation. Man, 52 years old, wearing a black turtleneck, sleeves rolled up, dark jeans and expensive shoes have been moved to the door, then turned. His eyes rarely express emotions and difficult to guess his thoughts. And anger, and joy like only smile makes them different. He's angry now, but soon it will pass. His black brows slightly furrowed, his lips stretched. - You know, Jessica, you disappoint me. I thought you'd changed, but wrong. I hope you learned a lesson .. - With these words, the door handle turned, and the man left the apartment in central London. - They are not 10 but 8 9 2 bags. - Quietly, almost in a whisper I said into the void. I wonder what I did this time so bad, huh? As would be a shame, and even I was not hurt, you need to do so, he said. Dad gave me an hour, and then I have to manage in time, otherwise, his punishment will be worse. While that may be even worse? I went into the bedroom to collect all eight suitcases, because I will not leave half the clothes here, right? Still would not be enough, that some Fifa found my dress, blouse or any other designer item and went to her. So good. I am in the dressing room. Let's start with the shoes. Mountain pairs of shoes went on suitcases, packages and bags. Sometimes I think that I have so many clothes that would be enough to wear is not something that the whole of London and the whole of England and Ireland, perhaps there would be little to Scotland. Fashion clothes - it's my passion. It is even difficult to call a hobby, I just love the stylish and well-dressed, stand out from the crowd. Yes, I happen, put yourself above others, but it is impossible to do anything. This really is, Jessica Cole. Shoes stacked. Further in the course are sweaters, blouses, shirts, tops, t-shirts, etc. Hmm, I thought it smaller. Much less .. I know that I cheer. Watch .. Damn, damn, damn! I've only got half an hour. With breakneck speed, I began to roll and fold into a suitcase in a row all clothing, not dismantling it, shirt or jeans. When all the bags have been collected again, I dared, and looked at the clock. Time 18:50, which means I only have 10 minutes to collect creams, masks, perfumes, cosmetics, and other stuff, including accessories, which I have a whole box. Damn, where did I zapihnu all this, then? Reaching out to the very top shelf, where the road is generally based on large bags, I took two large dark brown bag with a beige frame with Louis Vuitton logo. They have always been a last resort or when you had 2-3 days to go away. I love this designer for his simplicity and brevity in things. Nothing extra, everything is as it should be. Roomy bags that look so neat and combined with many things. Some pros, what else to say. Taking one bag, I went to the bathroom, which was located near the bedrooms. Alternately, adding all the bottles and jars, I came back into the room and began to put makeup. Various means just flew into the bag, because time is desperately short. A few minutes later, when assembled bag, I looked around and went to the dressing room. Void .. In the morning there was full of things, and now there's nothing but empty shelves and a large full-length mirror in one wall. On a chair near the door cheerful clothes I wanted to wear tomorrow to meet with friends, but my dad broke off and have to go now in her acquaintance with the nanny. Donning a light pink sweater and jeans, walked to the mirror, which stood near the bed with a light delicate pink cape. White tree, from which, indeed, was a mirror, and all other objects in the room were harmoniously combined with light wallpaper and gray laminate. I looked around the room, sighed and walked into the hall, where I was waiting for my favorite ugg boots and a backpack filled with different techniques.


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