Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


15. Where are you going? Huh!

Alex's P.O.V


Fuck Louis, how could he do that to me, and our child. I don't wanna hang around these boys any-more because there all properly the same as Louis. "Alex wait! Alex" I heard a male voice behind me, I turned and saw Louis, balling his eyes out! "WHAT!" I snap at him. "Alex, I love you, that kiss it-it was nothing" he says through his tears. "WOW LOUIS, ARE FUCKING KIDDING ME! IF IT WAS NOTHING YOU WOULDN'T HAVE CONTINUED." I scream at him, I hate him. "FINE BE THAT WAY THEN, GO TO HELL IF YOUR GONNA BE LIKE THAT" he screamed in my face, literally. "ARGH, WHY DID I EVER WANNA BE WITH YOU IN THE FIRST BLOODY PLACE, YOUR A FUCKING BASTARD!" I yell at him, now I'm crying. Then he slapped me. "THAT WILL TEACH YOU, BITCH!" he snaps at me. "I HATE YOU, YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE LOVED AT ALL, YOU DON'T DESERVE THE BEAUTIFUL SON I GAVE BIRTH TO, I'M LEAVING, LEAVING THIS, LEAVING YOU, I'M GOING SOMEWHERE YOU WOULDN'T DREAM OF GOING, BECAUSE YOUR TO SCARED!" I literally scream in his face. "OH YEAH, WHERE?" he snapped back at me. "WHAT THE FUCK IS IT TO YOU?" I snap back. "I WANNA KNOW, TELL ME NOW, OR I'LL SLAP YOU AGAIN". Then I decide to tell him. "I'M LEAVING THIS TO GO JOIN THE ARMY, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?" I say. "YEAH, ACTUALLY I AM, IT MEANS THERE WILL NO MORE OF YOU INTERRUPTING ME AND MY LIFE, AND I ACTUALLY MIGHT GET TOGETHER WITH JUSTINE!". I can't believe he just said he was happy, oh wait, of course he would, he's bloody drunk. I push past him, nearly knocking him over. I ran inside, telling Jade and Crystal to come up to MY room. "Yeah babe, what's wrong and why are you packing?" Crystal exclaims. "I'm leaving, I'm going to join the army, it's all because of Louis, that's why!" I say through the tears. "No, please no, you can't, it was only a fight, we all saw, through the window, we turned away when you said "ARGH, WHY DID I EVER WANNA BE WITH YOU IN THE FIRST BLOODY PLACE, YOUR A FUCKING BASTARD!." Jade says. "It was much more than a fight, he slapped me twice" I say, rubbing my cheek. "OH, IMA HURT HIM NOW!" Crystal says. I let her and Jade go and bash him. 

Louis's P.O.V

Wow, Alex is joining the army. She's brave, oh shit, I just realised it was all because of me. "Lou Lou, come back, we miss you" Justine called. "Ohkay babe's I'm coming" I slurred, I was completely drunk, that's why I slapped Alex, any way. I walked up-stairs and went to our secret party room. The 7 girls were dirty dancing. "Ooo baby! That's nice" I say. I realise, I don't want these girls, I want Alex and Mat. I run out the door to go to Alex and I's room. I open our door, to see Alex getting ready to leave. "Alex, I'm so sorry, please don't go" I say, I'm crying. "Louis, why should I believe you? Give me at least 3 good reasons", she says, she's crying to. "One: I didn't mean to kiss her, we were drunk. Two: I need you, without you I'm nothing. Three: I love you".



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