Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


12. Taking care of Mat.

Avery's P.O.V


Urgh, that other slut had a baby, Harry and I just got the news. I mean seriously, Harry actually thinks I love him and that we will stay together 'forever'. Well actually, I don't love him I just want him for sex. Yes if your wondering, I'm a prostitute, when I'm not with Harry, people pay me to have sex with them, so yeah. "Harry, baby, let's go home, and pretend like we actually care that they had a baby, and then we just punch the shit out of everyone, except the baby's, we don't do that", I say, hoping that he would say yes, I knew he would because I got him pissed. "Sure sexy, why not?", he slurs. We get home to see everyone watching a movie, and Alex cradling her new baby, with Louis's arms around her. "Hey guys, what's happening, where's the little ones?" I say. Nobody replies because they all hate me. "Harry, ask Louis if you can hold their baby", I whisper to him. He nods. "Lou, can I hold your baby" Harry ask's, if he says yes, then this will all go to plan. "Yeah, if you want to" Louis says! Yes it's going to work. "Crystal, didn't you have a baby?" I ask nervously. "Yeah, what's it to you? You guys are never here anyway, your just lucky Alex and Louis are letting you hold their baby?", she snaps at me. "Can I hold him, please?" I ask softly, I know Harry isn't going to be gentle with Louis's and Alex's baby, he will properly drop him when we go to bash them. "Fine", she snaps at me...again. She gently hands me her baby, I cradle it. How could you ever want a baby? I mean seriously. We hold both the baby's when Harry whispers "It's time", in my ear. We drop the baby's silently, and they start crying, then we go and attack them. Our plan worked. We finished bashing them when Alex got up crying and went over to the kitchen and grabbed something, next thing I know Harry and I both blacked out. 


Niall's P.O.V


Shit, Mat and Jacob were on the floor crying, Mat was bleeding from his nose. Crystal and Alex both ran over to them and picked them up and headed straight to the bathroom, Lou and I followed, whilst Liam and Zayn sorted Avery and Harry out. "Niall, Jacob's fine, thank god", Crystal says to me, Alex and Louis are still sorting out Mat, he doesn't look too good. "Mat's not too good, were gonna stay with him the night, ohkay?" Alex says to everyone in the bathroom. We nod and they go off to their room with Mat. "Crystal I think we should go to bed, and take care of Jacob, plus I'm tired and sore, I can't believe Harry would do such a thing", I said, rubbing my fore-head. "Yeah, I'm tired. And same, I still can't believe Harry and Avery did that", she said back. Then, with that we headed off to bed.





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