Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


5. She's coming back...FOR HIM

Lou's P.O.V
I needed to rest, I'd had a big day with Alex and I was buggered. I went up to our room and slept until about 5:00 pm and then I woke up to the sound of screaming, coming from the kitchen. I went down to see what was happening, as I walked down there to the sight of Alex tied up to a chair with tape on her mouth and I saw my old girlfriend Cassidy slapping her over and over. "WHAT THE FUCK CASSIDY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I say running towards Alex and untying her but Cassidy stops me by tying my hands behind my back and dragging me into Alex and I's room and pushing me on the bed and undoing her buttoned up shirt, so you can she her "jubblies" as Liam says. She jumps on my and basically rapes me.

Alex's P.O.V

I run up to our room, because I untied myself. I was screaming "LOUIS! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU??" I quickly thought of where he would be, THE BEDROOM! Shit, whats wrong with this Cassidy girl? I run up to find Lou and Cassidy naked, FUCK she raped Lou, that bitch. I call Crystal quietly and tell her to get her ass over here NOW.

Crystal's P.O.V

It's 6:30 pm and I get a call from Alex. "Hey babe, whats wrong you never call at this time?" I ask sort of worrying a bit. "Get your ass here now, please" She says, I can feel tears run from her eyes. "Alright, I'm coming". She hung up, I grab my car keys, oh and Niall and we get in the car and drive off. No one say a word, the whole drive there. We finally get there and we charge through the door and run up to their room, Alex is there crying her poor heart out, argh for fuck sakes its her 20th birthday tommorow and this happens. Niall and I look at their bed and we find Louis and some other crazy looking chick NAKED. "Thats Cassidy, his ex. She r-r-raped him". It was so hard for the poor girl to say. Niall and I broke down crying, I ran over to Alex and held her TIGHT. She my bestie what else do I do? We broke down crying harder than ever, thats when Cassidy woke up and said "Hey girls, sorry you didn't get any of it cause your just skimpy little skanks" and she said that with a big smile on her face. Thats when Lou woke up, he didn't say anything he was just shocked. Alex and I ran up to this Cassidy chick and beat the living shit out of her and Niall ran over to Lou and helped him up, even though he was naked he didn't care they'd all seen eachother naked before. "Lou, are you alright, do you know what happened?" said Niall with his come Irish voice. "I think so, but I can't be bothered, I'm to sore to move, well I can move a bit, properly down to the kitchen thats all!, oh and the couch". Lou turned around to see Cassidy getting beaten to death and he smiled. He's so funny. Niall helped Lou get dressed and they went downstairs whilst Alex and I literally threw Cassidy out the door. Then we went to help Lou and Niall in the kitchen, Niall's properly eating everything hehe!(;.
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