Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


18. Oh no you don't! Not this time.

Louis' P.O.V


WooHoo! Time to go clubbing. I love these nights, when we all go out, together. I'm gonna spend my night with Alex. I don't know about the other boys, but I'm stayin' with my girl, after what happened last time! "Al, I'm gonna hang with you tonight babe!" I put my arm around her shoulder and we continue walking to the club. "Okay baby!" she laughs at a joke Zayn made.

Finally, we arrive. We get free access to the club cause were famous.  "Thankyou" I say, and then walk into the club.

"Babe, lets go get a drink?" Alex asks me. "Sure love!" I say walking over to the bar. 'Can I have a coke and bourbon, babe?" Alex asks me. I just nod, then Al's favrioute song comes on. "I knew you were trouble" By Taylor Swift. She goes off and dances, the song ends and she comes and drinks her drink.


Niall's P.O.V


Yeah man! Clubbing, can't wait. This is gonna be so much fun, Zayn and Harry are already trying to get a girl. Crystal is off dancing with Jade. I'm gonna go get a drink. "Can I please have 5 shots?" I ask, putting down my money. "Thats gonna make you really drunk, are you sure?" the bartender asks me. I just nod, she gets me the drinks and I walk off. I skull al of them. Then I walk over to Zayn and Harry and start talking to a girl. "Wanna come back to mine babe?" I ask her, slapping her ass. "Of course" she says. 

We head out the door, making sure they don't see us. We finally get back to the house, we ran up to someone's room and started having sex. "Babe, your so rough, keep going" This girl shouted, so I did.


Crystal's P.O.V

"Where'S Niall, I wanna dance with him!" I ask Zayn. "Not sure, sorry. Maybe try home..take someone though..just in-case it gets bad!" He says. I go and grab Alex and Louis. We head home, we hear moans and grunts. "Quickly, Al, I think he's in your room!" She runs up to her room, by her-self. There's no noise. Just talking. (Convo between Alex and Niall) 

"How could you Niall, your getting fucking married!" Alex screams. "Alex, its not that big of a deal"! He yells back. "Yeah, cause you call some skank sucking your dick, not a big deal. You dickhead" She screams. I have to go up there now. 

"Fuck you Niall, how could you? And I thought I loved you!" I walk into their room and slap him as hard as I possibly could. "Crystal, wait! I love you." He yells.

I'm done.




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