Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


16. Not the last good-bye!

Alex's P.O.V

"Lou, I know you do, but I want to." I say, hoping he would understand. "I know, but what about Mat?" he asks. I just shrug my shoulders. "Lou, you also have a roll with Mat, your his father, besides I would properly come back" I say through tears. "I understand, but your not leaving NOW are you?" he asks. "No Lou, I'll leave in 2 weeks, ohkay?" I say back, I wanna go tell the others. We head down to the living room, hand in hand. "Guys, I've got something to say" I say. "Me too" Crystal says. "Me three" Jade stands up and says. "Girl's come over here!" I say, letting go of Louis's hand and gesturing the girls to come here. "What's your news?" I ask. "Were joining to" they say is unison. "Ohkay, lets go tell them" I say. "Guys, this is hard to say, but were, us 3 are joining the army" We say. "W-h-h-y Crystal, Alex you can get killed" Niall says. "Niall, it's okay, were not going to" Crystal says back. " I dont think we should go anymore" Jade yelled to everyone. "Same, we've got babies and stuff" Crystal says to everyone. Both the babies started crying. "Shit Crystal, lets go". I say, heading up-stairs to Mat and Jacob. We ran to see what happend, we screamed in horror of what we saw. "Louis, Niall. Get your ass's up here now!" I screamed down the hall. They finally came into the bedroom and screamed. Jacob had started vomiting blood and Matt had started to get whooping cough.  "Fuck what now?" Crystal said, all of us stopped crying. "Hospital I guess" Lou and Niall suggested. We told the others where we were going and they insisted that they come too, so they did, then we started our journey to the hospital.


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