Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


10. Just some more news!

Louis's P.O.V


"Can Alex and I tell you something, important?" I asked everyone. Everyone nodded. "Well, about 8 months ago, Alex and I did it and she ended up being pregnant, today, she is 8 months pregnant." I announced  everyone just sat there in awe  "Alex! Why didn't you tell me?" Crystal said to her. Alex just shrugged her shoulders and went to give Crystal a hug. "Congrats mate, your gonna be a dad, just like Niall!" Liam screamed. "Thanks mate, by the way its a boy!" I said in excitement. Everyone just stood up and cheered. "What are ya namin it guys??" asked Zayn. "Matt" we both replied at the same time. We all hugged. "Next week I'm 9 months! Aaah, it feels great to know your carrying a little person." Alex said, I kissed her on the for-head and went to sit down. 


Alex's P.O.V


I decided I wanted a home birth, I needed a mid-wife though! "Louis come here, up to our room". I yelled out to him. I heard his footsteps and then he opened the door. "Yeah babe?" he asked. "I'm having a home birth?, What do you think?" I said confidently. "Yeah sure, I'm happy with anything babe!" he replied and then walked out of the room. I wondered where Harry was, because he hasn't been here for the past 4 days. Zayn would know where he is. "ZAYN! COME HERE" I yelled out, I was in Lou and I's room because my stomach was hurting. "Yeah, what's wrong Al?" he said as he walked into our room. "Where's Harry?" I said, waiting for his reply. "He said I can't tell anyone, besides why do you want to know anyway?" he snapped at me. "Zayn, spit it out, or I'll make you and I want to know because he hasn't been here for at least 4 days, neither has Jade, so SPIT IT OUT!" I snapped back at him. "Fine, he's at Jades house, with Avery" he mumbled. "Wait, at JADES HOUSE, with Avery!" I shouted. I pushed passed Zayn and ran down to the living room. I couldn't run very fast, because of Matt (Louis and I's baby(still currently in my stomach). "Louis, Crystal, Niall, can we go to Jade's house please?" I was huffing and puffing. They all just nodded, Crystal asked Liam and Zayn to take care of Jacob, and they said they would. We sped off to Jades house, Lou was doing about 65 km in about a 50 km. We finally got to Jades house and opened the door to find Jade tied up to a chair, right in front of Harry and Avery doing it, naked. Jade was battered and bruised. "FUCK JADE! WHAT HAPPENED" Crystal and I screamed. Louis and Niall were trying to pull Harry and Avery apart, they were succeeding........a little. We untied Jade and took her up to her room, to find everything torn apart, there was a note that read. "Your a worthless little slut, you deserve to be abused, why don't you just die, Love Harry and Avery". We all burst into tears. I called Lou and Niall up to her room, they read the note and went downstairs to bash the living hell out of Harry, they wouldn't bash a girl, but we would, so that's what we did, we bashed Avery up, but I couldn't that much, because of our baby. "Our jobs done here guys! Lets take 'em back to the house and let Liam and Zayn deal with them!" Crystal shouted, everyone seemed pretty happy about that. We chucked them into the car. We didn't let them sit next to each other, so Harry sat in-between Crystal and I. "So you 'havin a baby?" Harry asked me. "Yeah what's it to you, dickbrain?" I snapped at him. I knew he mumbled slut, I didn't honestly give a crap about him. We got home and I had to go to bed, my stomach was hurting. "Night night guys!" I said, but right them I felt a sharp pain go through my stomach. "Shhhhiiiiittttt!" I knew I wasn't in labour, but something, someone had hit my stomach.

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