Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


6. Hurting Inside...

Jade's P.O.V

"I'm gonna go check on Harry, ohkay?" I thought I'd better because Harry doesn't sleep during the day. "Yep, go ahead" they all say in usion. I walk up to our room and I see the sight of Harry and some random slut "doing it" right infront of me. I slide my back down the wall with my hands in head crying. I kicked the wall that was infront of me and I think I broke my ankle, I felt a stream of pain shoot up my leg and I scream. Everyone rushes upstairs and picks me up, no ones worrying about Harry, " I can't stand the fuck up, aw shit it really bloody hurts" I say letting the tears make a pool on the floor. "We need to get her to a hospital NOW" Alex screamed, Liam picked me up, his arms felt strong and comforting, I think I was falling for Liam. We finally get to the hospital and I scream once more becaus of the pain. Louis runs up to a nurse and they put me in a wheelchair until I can see the doctor, to get an x-ray done. Finally the doctor gets here, I only had to wait about 3 minutes, they took me in to the x-ray room and took about 4 x-rays and then I got the results. I'd shattered the bones in my ankle. They well-chaired me down to the cast room. Fuck, I was having a cast put on! "Shhhh, don't worry beautiful it's gonna be fine!" Liam reassured me, I learnt from Harry never to "fall in love" because anything that falls gets broken. Harry and that slut came running in to the waiting room. "What the fuck are you doing here Harry, you knew she was fucking fragile and you did it?" I heard Louis scream, finally he was standing up to that boy 'bout  time. Then a I heard someone fall to the ground it was a girl scream for sure, she kept on screaming "FUCK, MY LEG!" It sounded like Alex, the cast was dry and I was given a pair of crutches, I went outside to see what was happening FUCK Alex was on the floor screaming in pain, nurses and doctors rushed out too her. Louis picked her up bridal style and took her into the x-ray room. 

Louis's P.O.V

"Harry's a fucking bastard, he pushed my girlfriend off the chair and then he threw something heavy and metal and it cut open her skin and slit the bone, "Mr. Tomlinson, Alex has had the bone cut but not fully sliced, she will need a cast and if anything gets worse she will need an operation. Would you like to come with her whilst she gets her cast on?" "Sure, thanks". We walk in the cast room and there's Alex lying there with red and puffy eyes. "Alex, what colour cast would you like?, We also have patterns" "Oh, do you have blue?" "Yeah sure I get it for you!" They came back with the blue bandage and wrapped it around the cast, the doctors back with a pair of crutches for Alex, I leant down and kissed her forheard, "I swear to god I will never let anything happen to you again!" "Alright then" She giggled a bit. We took the girls home, Harry came with the slut but we made him and her sit in the back, I sat next to Alex and Jade sat next to Liam crying. The two girls sat in between Liam and I, how I loved them like sisters.

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