Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


11. Giving birth...the mid-wife way!

Kathy's P.O.V


I was just heading to the new-born nursery when I got a call from Crystal. "Kathy are you doing anything, like RIGHT now?". Crystal was huffing and puffing. "No, I was just going to check on the babies, why?" I say back, I'm a bit worried, what's wrong with her? "Come to my place NOW! My best friend is giving birth!! She doesn't want to go to a hospital, she needs a mid-wife" she yells into the phone, she tells me the address and I'm off. I finally get there, I walk in and Crystal and her husband and some others were there, Crystal told them to go up-stairs and wait, they did. "Crystal, what's happening" I say to Crystal. "My friend Alex, she's giving birth HHHEELLPPP". 


Louis's P.O.V


All I could hear is "PUSH ALEX PUSH" and screaming (coming from Alex). I was getting worried, I started pacing around the room. "Mate what's wrong, she's going to be fine", Liam says. "I don't know it's already been 50 minutes!" I say back, still pacing. "Mate, it's fine, Crystal took an hour and 5 minutes, so Alex should be fine", Niall said to me. I just nodded. Niall came over and hugged me. Finally, 1 hour later, they said we could come down. I straight away went and hugged Alex. "Oh my god, look at our gorgeous boy!" I scream, running over to Crystal, who is holding him. "Lou, what should we name him?" Alex asked me, I walked back over to her and started rubbing circles around her back. "I reckon Mat" I say back to her. She nodded, I pecked her on the lips. I got to hold him, there was a blonde girl there. "Hi I'm Louis, you are?" I say smiling because I've got our little baby in my arms. "I'm Kathy, I helped Alex give birth", she said to me. "It's great to meet you!" I say excitedly. 

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