Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


9. Giving Birth to one very special baby!!

Crystal's P.O.V


We finally got home when I felt pain rush through my stomach. "Niall! I think I'm having the baby" I screamed out to Niall. "Get in the car! Were going to the hospital NOW!" he shouted back. This fucking hurts. "Niaaaaallllllll, this bloody hurts!!!"I screamed at him. "We'll get there, babe. Don't worry," he said to me. I calmed down a bit, but not enough. Niall chucked me in the car, but softly. He jumped into the car and basically sped to the hospital. We probably broke the speed limit by 50 or so. "NIALL IT'S COMING!!!!' I screamed at him. He picked me up bridal style and literary ran into the hospital. I thought I would be heavy, but apparently not. "HELP SHE'S IN LABOUR" Niall yelled to the nurses. They ran to grab a wheelchair and Niall put me neatly into it. He had to wait outside, but right now my mind was on the baby. *45 minutes later* I had just finished labour, and geez did it bloody hurt. Niall was in with me now, holding my hand and waiting till my, no, OUR baby boy. Just at that moment, the nurses came in NOT holding our baby boy, we'd already decided its name, Jacob. "I'm very sorry, but your precious baby boy was born with severe cancer" one of the nurses said to us. I just froze, panicked. I think Niall noticed because he looked at me, tears leaking down his face. "NO! NOT OUR BOY, PLEASE NO!" I screamed, I started breaking down into tears. The nurse just nodded. "But your a very lucky couple, he made it, later in life we will need kemo, that's definite" she said, that nurse even started crying. "Can we please go see him?" Niall asked the nurse. She nodded and led us to where he was laying in a box thing that you can only put your hands in. He had all tubes sticking in which, made me break down crying. He also had one in his neck. Niall let me put my hands in first, all I wanted to do was hold OUR baby. "What's his name guys? He needs it for his birth certificate?" a nurse asked us, the same nurse that told us he had severe cancer. "Jacob Lux Horan" I said staring at our precious baby. They showed us his birth certificate and it read "Jacob Lux Horan, born to Crystal Jordan Smith and Niall James Horan, born on the 23rd of June at 6:59 pm". "Babe, there's something wrong with this certificate" Niall said to me frowning. "What?" I say wondering. "Your last name, it's wrong. Crystal Jordan Smith will you marry me?" he said, tears started rolling from my eyes. "YES NIALL YES!" I screamed at him, jumping into his arms, I was getting married and I was only 18. We stayed there for the night. *Next day*. "You are free to leave with your baby and your new husband, congrats girl!" one of the nurses said, she was really nice, she helped me give birth to Jacob. "Thanks for everything, I couldn't do it without you!" I replied, her name was Kathy. "Wanna be friends Kathy?" I said hoping she would say yes. "Yeah, why not, here's my number, call it if you need help with the bubba!". We exchanged numbers and then Niall and I left the hospital, dreading to tell the rest of the gang! We got home around 3:00pm that day. We walked in the door, I was holding Jacob and Niall was holding the baby stuff. "CRYSTAL, YOU HAD THE BABY!" Alex screamed. I just nodded, everyone came up and hugged me. I missed them when I was giving birth. Niall and I walked up to our room and I pecked him on the lips and then we started setting up the baby stuff and down stairs Jacob outside to meet everyone. I didn't wanna tell them he had cancer just yet, it's too soon. Alex wanted to hold him, so she did. Jacob went around to everyone and then I put him to bed, he was tired, luckily no one noticed the tube in his neck. I decided I would tell Alex first, about Matt having cancer. "Alex, can we talk for a minute?" I ask her softly. "Yeah, sure what's wrong Cryssie?" she replies, she's in Niall and I's room helping me with Jacob. "Well, when Jacob was born yesterday, we got some bad news! Jacob was born with severe cancer" I say, I was almost about to cry, when I see 5 boys standing at the door, they were crying to. They all run up to me and we all hug, together, like one big family, because we are one.

*Sorry for short chapter!, but I needed to write another chapter! Thanks for al of your lovely comments and views, I'm on my way to 1k, all thanks to you guys xx

Love Alex:D

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