Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


2. Getting THE call...(:

Crystal's P.O.V

I was just getting up at about 12:00 pm when my bloody phone rang, argh who is it now?. It's Alex wait,  what she's up haha, yeah right. "Hey Babe" she literally screams through the phone, defiantly waking me up. "Hey, what's up, where are you I didn't think you'd be awake" I say still rubbing my ear with a smile on my face. "Ha ha, it's hot I'm at the beach get your bum down here, there's a few people I'd like ya to meet, K?" she say's sounding very excited that's properly why she screamed, "Ohkay, calm down I'll be there in 10" I say, 10 minutes would give me enough time to put on my stuff and maybe a little bit of make-up here and there, just for a little touch up. "Alright then love, seeya". I get up pull my long straight brown hair into a messy bun, just like Alex always does when she goes to the beach. I try and find my best and prettiest bikini, ah I finally found it my floral one, it suited me because I had tanned skin, no it's not a fake tan it's natural just like my best friend Alex had. So I chucked that on and over the bottom's I pulled on my favourite shorts which were tie-die. I couldn't be bothered putting any make-up on, so I grabbed my sunny's, towel (because I knew Alex would want me to "tan" with her) and off I went. I got down to the beach and I was still listening to my favourite song "People help the People" by Birdy, my favourite singer at the moment. I finally found Alex, that bitch not telling me where she is, but I love her to bits. She was sitting with 5 guys, haha my best friend the player, nah. I walk over to her and sit down, but of course knowing Alex, she stood up and tackled me (she did karate) as a joke of course, we wrestled for about 2 minutes, the boys thought it was pretty funny. "Were obviously pretty funny to you guys? huh" Alex said laughing so hard, she laughed a lot , so did I. "Yeah, hilarious yet very sexy" said one with blonde hair, he had a bit of an Irish accent and plus he looked at me when he said "sexy".

Niall's P.O.V

The one sitting next to Alex was bloody gorgeous, she had long straight brown hair, and a bit of an Aussie accent. Her deep blue eyes were surreal and her tan skin looked identical to Alex's skin. They were both pretty, but the brunette one was more my type, Louis already had Alex wrapped in his arms. All I wanted to do was sit next to the brunette and wrap her in my arms. "Guys this is my best friend Crystal, she's 19 and lookin for someone" Alex said, yes this could be my chance. "ALEX, SHUT UP" Crystal yelled at her, Alex must've thought it was pretty funny because everyone was doubling over in laughter. I moved over to Crystal and said "Hey, I'm Niall, don't worry about them"I said hoping she would reply and I really hoped she wouldn't think I'm weird for moving in next to her. "Hey I'm Crystal, but you properly know that, thanks to Alex and what she said about "looking for someone" is kinda true and yeah.." she trailed off and then moved closer oh my god. "Ha ha, so look I know we just met but Crystal, will you be my girlfriend, cause ya know Louis and Alex are together, they got together right before you got here?" I just wanted to get straight to the point. "Oh, yes Niall. I will, I was going to ask but I was to nervous." She said blushing and giggling at the same time.  

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