Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


13. Getting reading to go clubbing!

Liam's P.O.V


"Guys, since we've all been here, we haven't had any fun, like go out and go clubbing, or ya know, be teenagers?" I say, because we actually haven't. Times have been rough ever since Avery came, and the 2 baby's. "Yeah, Liam's right, we haven't. How about we go out clubbing or whatever tonight? I mean I'm up for it?" Jade said putting her hands around my waist. Everyone nodded, except for Alex and Crystal. "Guy's what's wrong, you'd love to go clubbing? Wouldn't you?" Zayn ask's. "Yeah we would but guy's you've got to remember, we've got 2 little boys to look after as-well, and Crystal's getting married in 15 weeks, she needs to start getting ready" Alex said. "Yeah, we'll organise baby-sitters, and you don't need to worry about that stuff, it's ages away!" Niall said. They nodded.

*3 hours later at 7:00 pm*


Zayn's P.O.V


We were all getting ready for clubbing when the 3 girls walked out, god they were stunning, Louis, Niall and Liam are lucky to have them. Alex was wearing a Long sleeved, mid-thigh ending, black lace dress with her hair straightened and not to much make-up on and she had black stilettos on. Jade was wearing a dress, it was a black cut-out maxi dress, with her hair curled and a little bit more make-up on than Alex, she had black stilettos on too. Crystal was wearing a moon-light printed, mid-thigh height and the dress was like a mini-skirt and a tank top and she was wearing black strappy high-heels and she had her hair wavy and the same amount of make-up on as Jade. They all looked stunning. *Quick authors note! The link for the dresses will be in comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*. As for us boys we just threw on anything and did our hair. God, I just remembered Lou tends to sometimes get pissed and always brings a girl home, I better tell Alex not to worry because he does it all the time. "Alex can we talk?" I ask, "Sure Zayn, what's up?" she replies. "Um, when we go out clubbing or partying, Lou tends to get pissed and usually brings a girl home, I just thought I'd tell you, because you don't need to worry about it, he does it all the time". "Yeah Zayn, I know, Niall's told me already just before actually, and I won't worry, thanks for letting me know", she says back to me, god these girls looked beautiful.

*The links for the make-up, in comments*

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