Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


17. Celabration!

Niall's P.O.V


After our visit to the hospital the boys were fine. "Why don't we celebrate?" Liam suggested "Celebrate what?" Crystal asked "You and the girls staying of course!" Liam chirped while he was going over to Jade for a cuddle... They were truly a cute couple together. "Oh, Well I'm in!" Crystal said happy "Were in!" everyone said but be.. Every time I go clubbing I drink to much and I always end up taking a girl home. I don't want to lose Crystal but I didn't want to disappoint her either. "Sure.." I said faking a smile on my face "Okay! Us girls will just to our 'Girly stuff'" Jade said giggling she took Alex's and Crystal's wrists  and dragged them in the bathroom "Come on girls I'm gonna make you Beautiful" We hear Jade say before shutting the door.


Jade's P.O.V


"Okay girls, lets make you pretty!" I say, and they start laughing.  "Thank Jade" they both say in unison. 

First we put on our foundation, then blush and everything, then we finally get to our eyes. Alex puts on think eyeliner and a natural colored eyeshadow and then heavy mascara, we basically all did the same as her. Then we got to do our hair! We all straightened our hair. Then we can go get ready in our clothes, so thats what we decided again. I could over hear the boys, well one of them on the phone, organizing a babysitter. Most likely Louis, cause he was being silly. 

Crystal wore a low-back fitted dress, that was black with some tan heels. 

I wore a cut out back bodycon dress, that was black with some black heels.

Alex wore a lina lace dress, again it was black! With some just black heels.   (Links in comments!)

The boys were all ready, so we walked down the stairs to go see the boys. "Well, don't you all look stunning tonight?" Niall said, as he walked up to Crystal and hugged her. Louis ran up to Alex and hugged her, and Liam came and hugged me. "Thanks boys, when are the babysitters getting here?" I ask. "Um, there here right now" Niall says. "Don't worry guys, I'll get it" Alex says. 


Alex's P.O.V


"Don't worry guys, I'll get it" I say, and they all just laugh. I open the door to see a pizza-man. "Niall, I think this is your buisness" I chuckle. Niall walks up to the man pays him, and takes the pizza. "Why?" all of us say in unison. "In case I get hungry after clubbing. DUH" he replies to all of us. 

Then the door rings again. I get up to open it, finally, the babysitters. "Thankyou so much for coming" I motion them to come into the house. "Your welcome" they say back to me. They were two girls, finally. The boys always ordered boy babysitters! Argh, that annoyed me when the boys did that. They tell us their names and that there professional babysitters. "Hey! Wheres Harry?" I ask. "He'll be down in a sec, why?" Lou replies to my question, getting up to go get Harry. Finally the two of them come down, and we can go. "Thankyou" we all say to the two girls. Then we all head out the door and start walking to the club, since its not that far away.




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