Skinny Love

About 3 best friends who go to the beach and accidentally run into 5 very sexy boys. Read it to find out(:


7. Bit to intense babe!

Crystal's P.O.V

I wasn't that tired when we got home, neither was Niall. "Babe I wanna have some fun in bed, ya know I'm just gonna say it LETS HAVE SEX tonight baby, I want you" I loved Niall but we haven't ya know, done it yet and I wanted to, I think he did too. He picked me up bridal style and walked up to our room and chucked me on the bed. He got undressed FULLY and so did I, hehe this was going to be fun. He started to kiss me passionately for 5 minutes, then things got fun. He started kissing my neck softly, FUCK! My neck was my weak spot, so was my torso. I let out a moan, Niall must've thought it was funny so he kept going down and down until he got to my torso, I let out a massive moan that I think the whole of bloody England could hear. Then he talked dirty in my ear, he was asking for permission "Babe, you make me horny, let me put me inside of you?" I cannot believe he asked for permission he knew he could do whatever, tonight I was his. "Don't worry babe I make people horny by just starin at 'em and yes you have my permission". Then right at that moment he slid his penis into my vagina, I let out the loudest moan ever. He knew doing that would turn me on, so he kept sliding himself in and out of me for the next 2 minutes then he stopped and slapped my thigh, playfully. "Babe, It's my turn to please you" I said seductively " Good, I'm ready. Oh by the way we might have a child" "WHAT WHY?!" she basically screamed "Calm yo tits girl, we didn't use a condom?" we both just laughed and then I started to please him, this was fun after everything that happened. We finished our 'fun' session and I just layed on top of him, tickling his v-line. Then we fell asleep. We woke up at around 10:30 am and we got dressed and walked down to the living room to get some brekkie when "DID YOU GUYS FUCK LAST NIGHT, CAUSE IF YOU DID WE HEARD ALL" Louis screamed, he truly was a funny boy. "YEAH WE DID FUCK DON'T BE TO JEALOUS THAT YOU DIDN'T GET ANY BRO" Niall yelled back at him. Then we went and got some brekkie, I just had coco pops, Niall had about everything in the kitchen "Babe don't eat too much? Understood!" I say motherly like. " But I get huuungry after fucking" he whined like a little baby. It came to about 12:30 when I thought about what Niall said last night about having a child so I told everyone where I was going and then I ran down to the chemist and grabbed a pregnancy test. I got back and ran up to the bathroom and then took the test, all three were positive. "Niall come here NOW" I said well screamed, "Yeah babe what's wrong?" his thick Irish accent made it better. "You know last night well I'm pregnant!" I squealed in excitement  "You sure?" "Yep, all three are positive".

Harry's P.O.V

What the fuck did I do, I know I just fucked up my chances of real love, I fucked up everything. "Jade can we please talk, about everything, about how I want you back, but I'd still keep Avery, ya know the slut?" I slurred, yes I just went out drinking, I was drunk. "FUCK OFF HARRY, YA KNOW WHAT I LEARNT FROM YOU IS NEVER FALL IN LOVE, BECAUSE EVERYTHING THAT FALLS GETS BROKEN, I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH RIGHT NOW, GO DO SOMEONE" she screamed in my face, "MAYBE I FUCKING WILL THEN AND BY THE WAY BABE DON'T GET JEALOUS IF YOU DON'T GET ANY OF ME CAUSE AVERY'S GETTING IT ALL" shit what did I just do. She hopped off on her crutches and went over to Liam. "Hazza, rape me" Avery also slurred, wait what did she just say? "Hazza, rape me" kept repeating in my head, so that's what I did to her, I raped her and she enjoyed it. "Hope ya enjoyed it, 'cause that isn't the last of that" I say seductively, "Yeah baby, it makes me want you even more". We walked down-stairs and Avery was only in her sexy lingerie and I was only in my boxers. When we got there Jade saw us and started crying even harder into Liam's chest. "Who wants to play truth or dare?" I asked since maybe I'd get a dare to kiss Avery. "Yeah, why not" everyone yelled except Jade, she was snuggling with Liam yet she was still crying. I went to the kitchen and grabbed my empty beer bottle and layed it on the table and spun it. "Truth or dare-" Fuck, they bottle span onto Alex, she didn't want to be around me either. "Alright Alex, truth or dare?" I said looking down to the ground, "Dare" she said looking at Lou, smiling. "I dare you to kiss Lou until you run out of breath" I said laughing, everyone laughed "Alright then", she leaned into Lou and they started kissing, they did tongue and they kissed for at least 2 minutes, then she ran out of breath. "Nice work" I say grinning and winking at her "Oh fuck off Harry, your just jealous it's not you getting it" she snapped at me. She was right, I was jealous that I wasn't getting some. But I didn't love Alex, I loved Avery and with that we finished truth or dare. I could tell Jade was pissed off massively but I didn't give a shit at all, I didn't love Jade any more. She was nothing to me, in fact her face just pissed me off.




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