ask for an imagine. i have one my friend sent for me and my crush. i will post the ones i have. If you want one ask and i will pick acouple just leave you name and who you want it with Ex. Y/N with Justin Bieber Y/N with Niall horan Y/N with Harry Styles ect... also if you want one with your crush or something.


2. McKenzie (me) and Jared (crush)

you are at home with your boyfriend Jared. you have been watching movies all night. Jared's nieghbor comes over and asked to borrow one of his games. "Woah! Hey Hottie!" he says as you open the door. He steps closer to you reaching for your hand. He grabs it and kisses your arms. Right as this happens, Jared walks around the corner. "BRO! WHAT THE HELL?!" he yells. " Thats my girl!" "sorry dude!" he says as he runs home. "Just remember that. Your my girl." Jared says kissing me pasionetly.

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