Just Another Girl

Amber had many questions. Why was she alone? Why did her parents leave her? Why was she never adopted? Why, Why WHY?
Now that Amber is eighteen, she moves to London, deciding to start over. Amber meets new people, and reunites with others, making friends and enemines along the way.


1. A New Life

Amber sat on the plane to London for six long hours. She couldn't remember the last time she was free to do whatever she wanted. Amber's parents put her up for adoption when she was just an infant, barely one month old. Her parents dropped her of at the Whisp Falls adoption center. Whisp Falls is a small town in California, in which no one knows about, except for the citizens who had ancestors who were one of the many first people to live there. Amber Bates had never been adopted, ever. She always hid behind beds, trying not to get picked, convinced that her parents would come back for her one day. Her friends stayed for a few weeks, then got adopted within there first month.

London was her way to start over. Her way to be free, have a life, and most of all, be different. Amber took out her earbuds as the plane started landing, slipping back on her Toms, and repacking her carry on. She sat alone on the plane, and in the back. She bought her ticket late so she had to sit back there. No, it wasn't by choice.

At the airport, she got her turquoise suitcase and left so she could catch a taxi.

"TAXI!" She yelled to one, waving like she was demented. The taxi slowed down and she hopped in, telling the driver to take her to the cheapest hotel there was. One of the ladies at the orphanage gave  her a few hundred dollars for her trip. Her name was Miss Cindy. She was in her twenties, and was really nice to Amber.

The taxi came to a stop at the Fern Woods Hotel and she payed the man with a twenty dollar bill. "Thank you!" She said heading to the hotel with a smile.

In her room, she unpacked quickly. Though it was only eleven in the morning, she was exhausted. Back in America, she woke up around one in the morning, heading out to the airport and saying her goodbyes to the kids and Miss Cindy. When she was finally done, she took a nap on her bed, dreaming of the adventures she would have here in London.


Amber woke up at around six p.m. She strecthed and looked in the small kitchen area. There was a small coffee maker, with a few sugars, and some coffee grinds. She made a pot of coffee and turned on the small tv that was in front of her bed. She settled for the news and watched about the latest deaths and kidnappings. It made her sad, those poor kids, they could be dead by now. She thought about the time she ran away and there was an Amber alert. That made her feel special, since she had the same name.

When the coffee was done, she drank some and headed to here new closet, pulling out a nice and thick wool sweater. London was cold, and it was November.

The rest of the night she spent watching various shows, watched the ran against her window, and daydreamed about her parents. She soon fell asleep and dreamt about them, why they left her and where there were now. What were they doing? Did they have any kids they kept? Did they get divorced? There were so many possiblilties and she wanted to know now.

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