Its too cold outside for angels to fly

Nicole has started a new school and meets a boy with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes.He feels the same about her.But harry likes her and is jealous of their love.Will there love tear apart or stay strong read and find out!!:)


1. Just The New Girl

It was scary the first day of a new collage.I went to my first class.I walked in and i was seated by this cute blonde guy.He seemed nice!! "Hi." he said in a friendly way as he ate his chips. "Hi my names Nicole Hallister". "Im Niall Horan.Hah we have the same innitials." he said with a chuckle.He was so cute.There was also another guy sitting by me "Hello Im Harry!!" he said.He had dark curly hair with green eyes.He was cute too!Man!How many cute guys are at this school?

Nialls P.O.V:
Wow!!She was beautiful.I really would like to see if i could have a chance with her.The way her violet eyes sparkle in the light.And her dark brown beautiful hair.Man how will i make her mine?
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