One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


10. Zayn and Danielle <3

-Danielle’s POV-

“hey babez” said my amazayn Zayn ;)

“oh hey Zayn, whatcha doing?” I asked him and giving him a kiss

“well, you know how we have a concert tonight right?” he said giving the biggest smile ever

“yea what about it?” I asked him confused

“well, I was wondering if you wanna come, I’ve got front row seats and backstage passes” he said

“OMG! That would be amazing, thank you!” I shouted

“no prob, anything for my lovely girlfriend” he said smiling at me

Ok, so I’m Danielle, Dani for short. I have an amazing boyfriend called Zayn. He is in a boyband called One Direction and I’m so in love with the band. We have been dating for about 5 months and it has been the best 5 months ever.

“well then, you better get ready because we’re leaving in 10 minutes!” he shouted

“OMG!” I said running up the stairs to my room.

I could hear him laughing at me in my room. Ok. So I got changed into my favourite clothes. I look stunning ;) So I slowly walk down the stairs. Zayn is at the bottom waiting for me.

-Zayn’s POV-


Damn, she looks AMAZING! You know how in cartoons when a princess walks down the big stairs, there’s these white lines around her, suggesting that she’s amazing and stuff. Well, I think Dani has it all over her. She looks GORGOUS!

“WOW. You look… there’s no word that can describe you right now” I hesitated. She blushed.

“well, let’s go” she said grabbing my hand and out the door.

-Danielle’s POV-

So Zayn drove us to the concert where we met up with the rest of the boys. I sat in one of the seats in the front row, listening to them doing sound checks and stuff. They sound better in sound checks… actually. I don’t know why but they do, I mean, when they do it acapella version. I can hear each individual voice. I just wish they sometimes did an acoustic version or acapella version of some of their songs. It will make the concert even better than it really is.

Then it’s Zayn’s turn for his solo.

“and you have always been the only one I wanted, and I wanted  you to know it, without you I can’t face it, all we wanna have is fun, but they say that we’re too young, let ‘em say what they want” sang Zayn.

-The concert-

During their mini break, they read some of their fan’s tweet. One of them told them to do the Inbetweener Dance. They are hilarious! Then they started imitating each other. Zayn did the best imitation. He sounds sooooooo Harry, with the slow and precise pronunciations.

Then all of a sudden, I saw my name on the big screen. WHAT?!

“this is MY favourite tweet!” said Zayn smiling. OMG. “it says: #1Dfacts Zayn loves Dani so much that he would do anything to make her happy :) aww”

I could hear a few people ‘aww’ when he read it.

“this fact is sweet, and I hate to admit it but it’s true. I love you Dani” he said smiling at my direction.

I could feel my cheeks burning. That’s the sweetest thing he ever said to me.

“I love you too” I said mouthing the words. He read my lips and started smirking at me.

-3 hours later-

OMG! I still couldn’t get that image off my mind. Zayn, my wonderful Zayn, is the most sweetest guy I’ve ever seen and witnessed. During his solos, he pointed at me and smiled. I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend like him. My heart just melted.

“hey babe, so what do you think?” he said giving me a kiss

“well, that was okay” I lied

“okay? What? Did you bump your head when you got out of the crowd?” he joked

“okay, you got me. I thought it was out of the world.” I said smiling at him

-Zayn’s POV-

Damn, her eyes just are so beautiful, I could get lost in those sexy dark brown eyes. Well, it’s not the only sexy thing about her, her long wavy brown/black hair is also sexy.

I moved her fringe away from her face and to the back of her ear. We are practically a few cm away. I slowly leaned forward and gave the most passionate kiss ever. I mean, I love her so much. And I’m so grateful to have a lovely girlfriend like her.

“I love you Dani” I whispered

“I love you too Zayney” she said looking straight into my eyes.

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