One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


9. Niall and Mary <3

-Mary’s POV-

OMG. I can’t believe me and my 2 best friends are going to Australia just to meet our fav band in the whole wide world. Lucky right? Well, we are. When I meet them, I wouldn’t know what to say. They are just awesome and make people speechless. I wouldn’t scream at them because I know they don’t like people screaming when they are talking.

So I’m Mary and I live in London with my 2 best friends, Becky and Alice.

“Mary, you ready to leave?” asked Becky

“yea, just a sec” I told them.

I took a quick glance at my room just to make sure I brought everything I need to stay in Australia. So we got a ride from Alice’s mom. When we arrived at the airport, we checked in at the counter and went inside.

-A few hours later-

We went on the plane. I sat on my seat next to my friends. Then all of a sudden, a guy told me that I took his seat. I showed him my boarding pass and he showed him mine. We have the same exact seat numbers. Great. We called in the hostess and I got promoted to First Class. But my friends had to stay where they are. So basically, I’m all alone by myself in First Class.

“so you’re gonna be sitting here, miss” said the hostess.

“thank you” I said and sat there.

I turned around to see who I’m sitting with.. HOLY F***. It’s Niall from One Direction!!

“hi” I said

“h-hi” he said shyly

“I know who you are” I told him

“really?” he said facing me.

Damn, this boy has beautiful blue eyes

“um… what’s your name?” he asked

“Mary” I told him

“hi Mary, nice to meet you” he said and smiled. OMG. His smile is… perfect.

The plane took off. Around 15 minutes later, me and Niall started talking again.

“I still can’t believe I got into the same flight as you and the guys” I told him

“well, I guess you’re lucky” he said “we usually get a private jet but somehow it costs more expensive than this plane” he laughed.

“I’m going to watch you gu-” I said but got interrupted by Niall

“FOOD!” he quietly screamed.

This boy is mad. Lol. All the facts about him online are so true. He LOVES food and he  easily gets distracted by food. Haha.

“sorry, what did you just say?” he said, realizing that I hadn’t finished my sentence

“I was just saying that-” I said but again got interrupted

“excuse me, what drink would you like miss?” said the hostess.

“um… I would like an orange juice please.” I told her.

“I’ll have a coke please” said Niall

So we talked and laughed. This boy is the funniest boy ever. I don’t know if he’s just doing it because he wants to be as funny as Lou but he’s funny alright.

“ok so I was trying to say that me and my friends are coming to the show tomorrow night” I told him

“nice, what seats do you have?” he asked curiously

“um… I think near the front” I said

“cool, can’t wait to see you there” he said smirking

The rest of the journey was quiet. We both starting watching the same movies, it was funny. Like when I watch this movie, he will watch it like half an hour later and I’ll be like, haha I’m watching the same movie as you. And then he will recommend me to watch something he just watch because he thinks its really good or something.

When he’s watching something funny, I could hear his adorable laugh even with my headphones on.

-Baggage claim-

“hey Mary, I’m sorry but I have to go now, with the guys” he said

“I had a nice flight with you” I told him

“yea, same here. So you said you’re coming to the concert tomorrow?” he asked just to make sure

“yea, I can’t wait to see you again Niall” I said

“yea, I’ll be searching for you on stage, you better stand out so it’ll make it easier to find you” he joked and laughed

“bye” he said and hugged me

“bye Niall” I said

I watched him and the guys take their baggage and walk through the door and into the distance. I actually had a nice time chatting with him. He’s such a sweetheart. I can’t wait to see him again tomorrow.

Better find my friends before they report me missing.

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