One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


18. Niall and Juliet <3

-Juliet’s POV-

I suddenly open my eyes and find out I’m not in my room. I’m somewhere familiar. I tried to speak but nothing came out. Then a nurse came in and told me everything. Tears fell rapidly down my cheek when I heard that I’m the only one who survived the car crash. My parents and my little sister all died.

Hi, I’m Juliet Liliana Matthews and well… I’m an orphan. Oh and I’m only 17.

The doctor came in and told me about my condition. I have to stay in the hospital for a few months or until I can speak again. So he gave me a writing pad and a pencil, just in case I needed something and I can write it down.

-The next day-

The next day, I woke up at 2 in the afternoon and found my two best friends sitting on the chair looking at me.

“OMG. Julie, you’re awake.” said Izzy. I smiled at them.

I took my notepad and wrote: ‘I’m glad to see you two.’ and drew a smiley face.

“we’re glad to see you too, Julie” said my other friend, Annie

“you know what would make you happy?” said Izzy. I shake my head. “well, we happen to bump into 5 guys and they willingly want to see how you are coping with all of this…”

Annie went out the door. Then in came her with 5 guys. HOLY MOLY! It’s ONE DIRECTION! Wow. They’re here to see ME!

I sat up and they all came and hugged me. I took my notepad and wrote: ‘thank you for coming. I appreciate it!’ and a smiley face :D

“oh no problem. When your friends told us about you, we felt sorry and wanted to see you” said Harry

We talked for a while, then they had to leave.

“I guess, we’ll see you again soon” suggested Niall

“we have a busy schedule next week, remember?” reminded Liam

“well, we can make time, can’t we?” said Niall.

I can tell that he wanted to come back. He’s such a sweetheart.

-Niall’s POV-

When we went back to the house, the guys started asking questions.

“dude, you like her don’t you” said Zayn

“no, why?” I asked lying…

“you wanted to go back to see her. That’s so sweet” said Louis

“guys stop it” I told them

“stop what?” they teased

“ugg, nevermind. I’ll be in my room, if you need me” I said, going into my room.

Ok, so I DO like this girl. She’s pretty, smart, and just my type. I’m going to try and see her again, if the guys don’t want to see her.

-A few days later-

I decided to visit her again, so I went alone.

“Hi, I’m here to see Juliet Matthews, which room is she in?” I asked the lady at the counter

“oh um, she’s 4 doors on the right” she said

“thanks” I said

I went and knocked on the door. There she is on her bed drawing something.

“Hi Juliet” I said.

She looked up in shock. I expected that.

“What are you drawing?” I asked and took a peek. Damn, this girl can draw.

She drew me and the guys fooling around. She can be an Artist or something.

“wow, you’re an amazing drawer, you know that?” I told her. She just smiled at me.

Oh, I just wished she could talk. I bet her voice is beautiful. I could imagine her saying my name, Niall. Just thinking about it gives me the chills… good ones.

Ok I’ve decided to tell her how I feel because I might not see her again… since we’re going on tour and might not come back for summer.

“um Juliet… I wanted to tell you this. Um… I like you… a lot… even though we’ve only met twice… well once… I like you” I hesitated.

She stared at me with a huge smile on her face. Well, I guess she like to hear that. Then I felt an urge to kiss her. And so I did. When she opened her eyes, I saw her beautiful pale blue eyes. Damn this girl is beautiful.

I looked at the time and it was time for me to go. Even though I’ve only been here for a few minutes. I told her that and he smile faded away. I was about to leave when I heard someone call my name. That beautiful voice, could it be hers? I turned around to see her standing up.

“Niall” she said. OMG. She can talk. She wrap her arms around me, giving me a hug

“you can talk” I said shocked

“thank you” she said

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