One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


4. Niall and Fliss <3

-Fliss’s POV-

OMG. It’s my birthday is today! I’m going to be 19.

Ring Ring Ring Ring.

“hello?” I said, answering my phone.

“hey girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” shouted my best friend, Lizzy

“thanks” I said

“hey, me and Abs are picking you up around 11, alright?” she said

“for what?” I asked curiously

“it’s a surprise Fliss, you better be ready by then, cya” she said and hung up.

Ok, so what are they planning to do on my birthday? Hmm.

I got changed and everything. At 11, my best friends, Lizzy and Abbey, picked me up in Liz’s car. We drove to a mall nearby.

“what are we doing here?” I asked

“you’ll see” said Abbey smirking at me

“you guys are just making me even more curious and nervous at the same time, I don’t like surprises!” I told them

We walked and walked until we are in front of a karaoke place. Ok… what are we doing here?

“Abbey” said Abbey to the person on the counter.

“ok, right this way” he said leading us to a fairly large room.

I took a seat on the couch. Then all of a sudden, I felt something touching my neck. I screamed and jumped out of the couch.


“what?” asked Lizzy

“something just touched me, it freaked the hell out of me!” I told them, still scared

Then suddenly, 5 boys appeared behind the couch laughing their asses off. Great. HOLY SHOOT! It’s ONE DIRECTION!

“Surprise!” shouted my best friends

“Happy Birthday Fliss!!” shouted the boys and each gave me a hug

“you guys…” I said to my friends

“your welcome” they said without me finishing my sentence.

I ran and gave them both the biggest hug ever.

“so let’s start singing” suggested Harry. Niall chuckled.

Wow. That boy laughs at anything… I mean everything. lol. I love him. He’s so adorable. Just wish he knew.

So we chose a few songs and sang with One Direction.

-Niall’s POV-

Wow, this girl is good. I like her voice, it sounds like an angel.

After singing a few songs, we all just chatted.

“sorry um… where’s the bathroom?” asked Fliss

“erm, it’s down the hall on the right” answered Zayn

“thanks…” she said and left

I really like her. I want to tell her but how? I have to tell her soon… somehow… or I’ll never see her again. We’ll be on tour and I bet I’ll forget about her since we’re gonna have a lot of fun on tour with many interviews and shows. God Niall you better confront her. yeah.

So I decided to ‘go to the bathroom’ as well.

As I was walking down the hall, I got a phone call.

“hello?” I answered looking down

“oh hey Niall, it’s your mom, I just wanted to say that I miss you very much” she said

“aww mom, I miss ya too” I said

Then all of a sudden, someone bumped into me.

“ouch. Mom, I’ll call you back, I’m kinda busy right now, love ya” I said and hung up.

I looked up and saw Fliss on the floor and one hand on her fore head. She apparently didn’t see me, I guess.

“OMG Niall, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t seeing where I’m going” she said apologizing.

“no, it’s alright, are you okay?” I asked concerned

“yea, I’ll be fine.” she said

So we sat down against the wall and continued talking. She makes funny random jokes that just make no sense. Well, I laugh at everything so it doesn’t really count.

“I like you…” I suddenly say

“you do?” she asked shyly

“yea… a lot” I told her looking down

She turned my head and I felt our lips touch. It was the perfect moment.

“ehumm!” said Louis. Well, the perfect 2 seconds moment…

“sorry to bother you two but we all decided to go to Fliss’ house for the night…” said Harry

So we left. I quickly slipped my number into Fliss’ bag. And so we all chatted and talked and laughed at Fliss’ house. We even watch a romantic movie.

-Fliss’ POV-

This was the best birthday day ever!

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