One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


3. Louis and Rebecca <3

-Rebecca’s POV-

Beep. I checked my message and it’s from my boss.

‘Bec, you have a mission. You know how Damien always steal something technical, well, there’s someone else doing his job now and I want you to stop whoever is doing it and stop Damien’s plan. You know what to do. from Jerry.’

Great. It’s Damien again. Why doesn’t he just give up? I’ve always beaten him millions of times.

Hi, so I’m Rebecca and I’m a spy. I don’t go to school like normal kids my age, I go to spy school and learn how to save the world from evil people like Damien. The first time I’ve met Damien was a year ago. I’ve been in his case ever since. I’ve always thought he works alone… but apparently not. Whoever is helping him needs to stop now.

So I grab my things, got into my car and drove to the coordinates that my boss gave me. When I arrived at the place, there were no people around except one guy who looks as if he is stealing something. So I decided to ruin his plan.

“HEY! PUT THAT DOWN MISTER!” I shouted. That made him jump.

He turned around. HOLY S**T! He is hot, and around the same age as me. I know, he’s a bad guy but he is damn hot.

“oh, you must be Rebecca, the girl who always ruins Damien’s plans” he said

“yes. Yes I am. And I’m going to ruin it again today.” I said

“well… there’s something you ought to know before you do that…” he said smiling at me.

Then all of a sudden, like 5 guys appeared out of nowhere. They all surrounded me. Crap. Didn’t think of that. And Jer didn’t tell me.

“you’re surrounded missy.” he said.

“oh really?” I said and attacked the guys.

Within 2 minutes, all 5 guys were down and unconscious.

“what were you about to say?” I asked him, smiling.

“You…” he said, not knowing what to say.

Then out of nowhere, I got knocked unconscious. The last words I heard was “Louis”.

-In a room somewhere-

I suddenly felt conscious now. I opened my eyes and I was tied up in a room.

“good, you’re awake” said the guy

“let me go or I’ll break your neck” I said threatening him and struggling to get free.

“you should watch your back next time or you’ll be death by now” he said

“well, well, well… who do we have here? Ah Rebecca, nice to see you again” said Damien walking into the room “well done, my boy. As you can see, I have an apprentice and he’s good at what he does. Ain’t it right, Louis?”

“yes sir.” said Louis.

“Louis, you stay here and watch. I’m going to prepare the weapon.” said Damien and he left.

“so Louis, are you having fun being his pet?” I asked

“his pet? He treats me well” said Louis

“when he gets what he wants, he will forget you, trust me, I know about his partner when they just started together. When Damien got what he wanted, he told his partner that he doesn’t need any help anymore and killed his partner.” I told Louis

“that’s not true, he said he’s always worked alone” argued Louis

“that’s what he says to everyone. I’ve been tracking Damien every since he started and I know that his partner didn’t just die by accident…” I argued back.

Louis took a long pause. I knew I would change his mind.

“there was this rare diamond that worth billions of dollars, and when his partner found it, Damien stole it and killed him. I saw it with my own eyes”

“you’re lying” said Louis

“I swear I’m not lying” I told him

-Louis’ POV-

Ugg. What should I do? If I make the wrong decision then Damien will kill me. I can tell that she’s not lying. Great.

“fine, you convinced me.” I said.

So I untied her. She jumped up and gave me a massive hug.

“now I’ve untied you, can you get me outta here so I can live a normal life” I told her.

“wait, I’ve got one more thing to do” she said.

I stood there watching her. As we walked through the maze to the exit, she planted mini bombs everywhere, they are so tiny that you can’t even see it if you glance over it. We eventually made it outside. We ran at least 200 metres away from the place.

“ok” she said and pressed a button.

Within minutes, the whole building exploded.

“thank you” she said and kissed me.

I moved her fringe behind her hair and kissed back. I’m in love with this girl. She is amazing and cute. I didn’t want Damien to know that I like her so I didn’t react when I saw her at the place. I knew if Damien saw, he would kill her instantly. I stared at her beautiful brown eyes as the building flew into millions of pieces. It wasn’t the top 10 romantic spots to kiss a girl but it happens to be the moment.

We both walked away into the distance.

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