One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


12. Louis and Moll <3

-Moll’s POV-

WHY? Why did my boyfriend break up with me? I don’t understand. We are perfect for each other! I love him and still do. I need to know why!

I walked and walked until I walked to the park that I used to go to when I was little. I remember going on the swings and my mom pushing me. We had a great time. So I sat on the swings. I felt tears on my cheek. I tried to control it but it didn’t, it just kept coming down my cheeks.

“hi, are you alright?” asked a guy

I looked up at him, looked back down and said ‘I’m alright’. He looked so concerned about me, even though I don’t know him, asking how I’m feeling was sweet.

“is there anyone sitting there?” he said pointing at the empty swing next to mine.

“no, go ahead” I told him, still looking down

“sorry if I ask, but you don’t look alright to me, what’s the matter?” he said

“well… my mom past away a few months ago…” I said

“oh I’m so sorry” he said

“and then today my boyfriend break up with me. My life is fucked up. sorry for swearing…” I told him

“no, it’s alright, you can tell me everything if you want, to make you feel better” he said patting my shoulder

“thanks, you’re so nice to me” I said.

I turned and looked at him. Then it hit me. The guy who I’m talking to all this time is Louis from 1D. Wow. I must be stupid to realize that.

“are you Louis Tomlinson? sorry, I feel like I’m dreaming right now…” I said honestly

“oh, you finally noticed. And yes, I’m Louis from 1D. What’s your name?” he asked with a smile

“Moll” I answered

“that’s a beautiful name” he said staring into my blue/grey eyes

“thanks” I said shyly

And then I told him everything… like everything. I just let it all out.

“well, that means that he doesn’t deserve a beautiful girls like you to be his girlfriend. A girl like you deserve a much better boyfriend than that.” said Louis “here’s my number, if you need me, just call me”

“thank you Louis. You’re the best” I said giving him a hug.

And so I left to go home. When I got home, I flopped down on my bed.

Then all of a sudden, the door bell rang. I slowly walked halfway down the stairs and saw my mom open the door. There, standing at the entrance is him. The one who dumped me. The one who broke my heart. The one I don’t ever want to see.

“Young man, do you know what you have done?” asked my mom

“yes, and I’m here to apologize” he said. Yeah right…

“well then Mike…” said my mom

I quickly gave a no sign to my mom. Luckily, he couldn’t see me.

“you’ve come the wrong time. She’s not home.” said my mom and closed the door

“thanks mom” I whispered

“well, I would have told him to leave because of what he’s done to you. And he doesn’t even sound like he wanted to apologize.” said my mom

-A few days later-

I went back to the park on the swings. It reminded me of seeing Louis. We had an amazing talk. Just wished it lasted longer. But luckily, I got his phone number, which was great.

Then all of a sudden, HE appeared.

“what are you doing here?” I said in a harsh tone.

“I want to apologize…” he said and trailed off

“right… why would you apologize. You’re having a happy life with your new girlfriend” I told him

“she’s not my girlfriend…” he said

“well, then explain this. I heard her say ‘you’re an amazing boyfriend’.” I said to him “you’re such a liar. You break up with me and the next day, you’ve already have a girlfriend… there’s no need to apologize. I don’t even want to see you right now. So go away”

“Moll, listen to me” he said putting one hand on my shoulder.

“get off of me!” I said getting out of the way

But he didn’t stop touching me.

“GET OFF” I shouted.

Luckily, Louis came out of nowhere and stopped him

“hey man, she said get off so get off. It’s pretty easy thing to do” said Louis “don’t you understand a word that she’s saying?”

Mike gave a big angry sigh and walked away.

I couldn’t help myself and flung myself, hugging Louis tightly.. I look up at him. I gave him a kiss on his cheek and said… “thank you” and lay my head on his chest.

“no problem” he said and kissed the top of my head.

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