One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


2. Liam and Sabrina <3

Sabrina’s POV

“WAKE UP BRI!” said a familiar voice.

I suddenly heard someone shouting. I opened one eye to see a person literally in front of me. It scared the hell out of me and gave me a heart attack. There standing next to my bed is my best friend, Alex.

“WHAT DA FUDGE!” I shouted. “you scared the hell out of me Alex, what are you doing here and how did you get in?”

“your mom let me in” she said

“what’s the time?” I asked

“it’s 10 o’clock missy, now get your ass out of bed or I’ll have to make you” she hissed

“why? it’s only a Saturday and it’s 10…” I told her

“Well, you will get up when I tell you the awesome-est news ever?” she said happily



“WHAT?!?!?” I literally screamed back and sat straight up.

I quickly got out of bed, went into the bathroom, did some things, came back out and quickly got changed. Alex just sat on my bed watching me rush through my room. She laughed.

I wore a t-shirt that I made that says: ‘One Direction are Amazing!’, that can also be a one-shoulder top, leggings with shorts and my fav blue converse. My long straight brown hair just naturally flowed behind my shoulders which bring out my beautiful brownish-green eyes.

“Bri, you don’t have time to eat so quickly go get something to eat in the car, my mom is happy to drive us there.” said Alex

“alright” I said and we both ran downstairs into the kitchen.

This is a one in a life time opportunity to actually meet One Direction in person. I’ve always wanted to meet them and I told myself that one day I will. And today’s the day. I can’t believe my best friend has tickets to their concert, I love her so much!

We arrived at the place and it’s full of screaming girls. We got off the car and I feel like my ears are going to bleed.

“OMG! It’s ONE DIRECTION!” shouted a girl.

I quickly turn around to see 5 hot guys getting off a van. HOLY SHIT! Liam stepped out of the car. I think I’m gonna faint. He turned to my direction. Our eyes met for about 4 seconds then he had to go inside the building.

“OMG, he just looked at you!” screamed Alex. I was speechless.

After a while, we went inside the arena, it was packed with screaming and crying fans. Like I was in a jungle with noisy animals shouting at each other or something.

Then they all went wild, including me and Alex, when 5 figures appeared on stage.

After they finished performing, they told everyone that they’ll have a meet and greet in 5 minutes. When they left the stage, everyone got up and rushed to the place to meet the boys. I was about to go down the stairs when a few people pushed me and I fell. Alex helped me up and we ran as fast as we could to the area. There is already a really long line up, great.

We waited and waited. And finally it was our turn to meet them.

“Hi, could you sign this?” I asked Harry

“yea sure, to?” he asked

“Sabrina” I said

“To Sabrina… from Harry Styles” said Harry while he was writing a little message

I walked slowly through the rest of the boys to get to Liam. He was last to sign my book.

“hi” said Liam “oh you got a little cut on your cheek there”

“where?” I asked worried.

“there” he said just softly touching my cheek where the cut is “let’s get you a band aid, you don’t want that infected. Nice shirt by the way”. I blushed.

He said that and led me to one of the security guards. He told them the problem and we followed the guy to a little room. I sat down on a desk while Liam is looking through some medical stuff.

“this might sting a little” he said pressing a damp cotton bud on my cheek. I moved a little away from it. “sorry” he apologized. He looked so concentrated when he put the bandage on my cheek. “there” he said pressing lightly so that the bandage will stick to my cheek.

“thank you” I said quietly

“no problem, any time babez” he said “here’s my phone number if you wanna hang out some time, me and the lads are staying here for about 2 weeks”

We exchanged phone numbers and went back outside.

“where did you go Bri?” asked Alex worriedly

“somewhere” I said dreamily

Suddenly I got a text, it says:

Hey babez,

It is nice meeting you just now, I’d like to meet you again some time this week. Maybe on Wednesday? or Thursday? Well, it’s up to you to decided. Text me back when you have decided on the day. Oh I didn’t catch your name, well anyways, can’t wait to see you again, beautiful. ;)

Liam xoxo

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