One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


15. Harry and Kali <3

-Kali’s POV-

“hey Kali” shouted mom

“yea?” I shouted back

“come down to the living room, we have good news” she shouted back

I went down to the living room and saw my mom smiling at me. It gives me creeps.

“what’s the good news mom?” I asked patiently

“well, as you know, your cous Niall is famous and in a band right?” she said trying to give me hints

“yea?” I said

“we just found out that they’re coming here on tour and we invited them to come to our barbeque dinner on Saturday!” said mom

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” I screamed

“no darling” said mom

OH MY EFFING GOD! My cousin and his gorgeous friends are coming to US AND they are coming to visit me.

“they’re here, you can call your cousin if you want” she said hinting me

So I decided to call my cous, that I haven’t seen for ages.

“ello?” answered a Irish guy

“hey cous, it’s me” I said

“OMG! Kali! How are you cous?” he said excitedly

“I’m great. What about you?” I asked back

“I’m happy to hear you cous, we haven’t seen each other for ages!” he said

“my mom just told me that you and your band are coming to the bbq on Saturday! I can’t wait to see you again!!” I yelled

“I know! I can’t wait to see you too!!” he shrieked.

“hey Niall, who are you talking to?” said someone in the background.

That very second, I recognized that voice. HOLY SMOKES. That was Harry.

“OMG. Was that Harry?” I asked

“yea, that’s him” said Niall “I’ve gotta go cous, I wish I can talk to you longer but I have to go. See you on Saturday, bye Kali”

“bye Nialler” I laughed

-Saturday evening-

I got changed into shorts and a tank top, went downstairs to help with the decorations and stuff.

I’m finally gonna see my long gone cous from Ireland!

Ding Dong Ding Dong, rang the bell. Oh my friend, Carly came. I invited her since she’s a One Direction fan. She will literally faint when she meets Liam. She’s obsessed with him, she knows like everything about him. It creeps me sometimes, but that’s just her.

So around 7, the guys came. Everyone greeted them and we’re sitting around the fire talking about their adventures.

“so Kali, were you the one talking to Niall on the phone a few days ago?” asked Harry

“yea, why?” I asked

“oh nothing, just curious…” he said.

-A few minutes later-

“um… where’s the bathroom?” asked Harry

“it’s upstairs, turn left, turn right and 4 on the left” directed Niall

“huh?” asked Harry confused

“alright, I’ll show you” I said

So we went into the house.

“so Kali, what things do you like?” said Harry

“um… soccer and basketball, I guess. I’m not a girly girl… I’m quite sporty in fact” I told him

“oh that’s cool, I’m not really into girly girls… they just fuss a lot about themselves.” he said

And then the next minute, we were laughing. He makes a lot of jokes. I don’t know if he’s being himself but I like the funny him.

“so this is the bathroom” I said pointing at the door

“oh thanks” he said and went in.

He came out a few minutes later.

“oh, you waited for me…” he said when he saw me sitting on the floor

“well, I could have left but I don’t think you remember how to get back” I notified him

“oh um… you turn left, I mean right, then left, then…” he said thinking very deeply

I made a ‘go on’ look at him. He started to look nervous and intimidated.

“um… and then we go left again, then rig-” he said but got interrupted.

He is so cute when he’s nervous. I couldn’t help myself and got up and kissed him.

“what was that?” he mumbled.
“you hesitate too much” I giggled.

The next minute, he was stroking my red-orange hair and staring into my blue eyes. Damn, this boy has seriously beautiful green eyes. We went to my room and closed the door behind us.

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