One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


11. Harry and Imagin <3

-Imagin’s POV-

I hate school. I hate it so much. I hate it with passion. Like I mean, I just wish that school doesn’t exist. I’d rather do home school than go to school. It’s torture in there. Well, just for me. Everyone in school are having fun and having a great life. Me… well, I’m having the worst life in school. My mom says just ignore them. How can I ignore them when they torment me every single day and in most of my classes?

Hi, I’m Imagin. I live with my mom and I have a brother who is in university, so I barely see him. I miss him so much. He’s the only one who can comfort me in my situation. He’s the one who can protect me. I just wish he were here with me.

Ok, so when I said I HATE school, it is because I get bullied a lot. I’m the only red headed girl in school and they make fun of me. This is no ordinary bullying, is the things they say that scarred me for life. They do it because they enjoy it. They don’t understand how it feels because they have no souls.

“I’m cold today, wanna warm me up?” said Todd, the leader of the group who bullies me everyday.

His friends laughed with him. These insults are so lame but it bothers me because some days are worse.

“ha ha… very funny” I said playing along.

Then all of a sudden a curly hair guy came along.

“guys, that ain’t cool, man” he said

“whoa Styles, man, chill” said Todd

“chill? You’ve gotta stop. There’s no point in doing it…” said the curly hair guy

“well, it’s funny to make fun of her… where’s your sense in humor man?” said Ben

“Todd…” said the curly hair guy starting at Todd.

“ugg… fine Styles.” he said, then he turned his head to me. “you just got lucky this time…” Then he and his friends left.

“thank you so much!” I said

“oh it’s no big deal. I’m Harry by the way” he said

“Imagin” I told him.

“I know who you are” he said smiling at me “you’re the girl who sits in front of me every Math class and the smart girl in History.”
“the only reason why they bully you is that they have nothing else interesting to do so they randomly picked you, the only red headed girl…” he told me

“thank you again. You just made my day a lot better” I said to him

“oh, no problem. Here’s my number in case they make your day worse again” he said giving me his number.

My day went by pretty good. Thinking of Harry being there for me is just awesome. :P. The only thing bugging me is that I don’t know WHY he’s doing it. Maybe he got tired of Todd and his mates bulling people? Especially me? Or he feels sorry for me? Well, I’m going to find out.

-At lunch-

“hey Imagin” said Harry

“oh hey Harry” I said

“wanna sit together?” he asked holding his tray

“yea sure” I said walking to an empty space.

So we talked and ate. It was a normal conversation when all of a sudden it went silent. It was the most awkward silence ever. I have this urge to break the silence but its gonna be even more awkward.

“I like you” said Harry suddenly. “actually, I like you a lot”.

Whoa. What just happen?

“you’re not the normal girl I talk to but you seem very interesting. I usually don’t say much around girls but with you, I’m like a totally different person. In a good way. I mean, you’re the most beautiful girl in school” he said smiling at me.

OMG. His smile is dazzling.

“really?” I asked to clarify that.

“yes and I was wondering if you wanna go watch a movie tonight with me” he said shyly looking down at his food.

“you mean on a date?” I asked

“um… whatever you think it is” he said still looking down
“yea, I would love to go on a date with you to the movies” I told him.

He shot his head up.

“really?” he asked excitedly

“yea” I said smiling at him. I felt like chuckling because of the way he reacted when I said yes.

-At the movies-

“you look wonderful Imagin” he said smiling at me.

“thank you” I said

“shall we?” he asked, putting his left arm out.

This made me laugh. So I took both hands and grabbed his arm. We walked into the cinema and sat down to watch a movie. This is a comedy movie. I literally laughed my head off. Even Harry laughed his head off. It was like the best comedy movie I’ve ever seen.

-After the movie-

“that was the best” I sad

“I agree” he said, giving me his to-die-for smile.

He stared at me like he saw someone so hot or something. Then he leaned forward and kissed me. That 3 seconds was the best 3 seconds of my life! I’m glad that I met him or my life would have been the same miserable life.

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