One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


1. Harry and Kayla <3

-Kayla’s POV-

“hey gorgeous” said a familiar voice.

I turned around to see my sexy hot boyfriend standing at my bedroom door.

“hey handsome, where are you taking me today?” I said walking up to him and giving him a peek on the cheeks.

“well I was thinking of a movie and a dinner afterwards” he said, giving me his to-die-for smile.
“what movie are we watching?” I asked

“what movie do you wanna watch? I don’t mind” he said smiling

“well…how about a scary movie, I feel like getting scared for some reason” I told him

“alright then” he said leading me to the living room

I sat on the sofa waiting for him to put the DVD in the DVD player. He sat next to me and I cuddled up to him to embrace myself for the upcoming horrors that I’m gonna see. I feel safe with him, he’s like my protection and nothing can penetrate it.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed. That just gave me a heart attack. I know I’ve seen this movie like 3 times but that part always scares me.

“shhhhh” whispered Harry “it’s alright babez”

Just to hear his voice makes me calm. I love him so much, he just doesn’t know it. I buried my head into his peaceful chest. He squeezed me tighter. I just love how he worries about me more than I worry about him.

When the movie finished, we went to his car and he drove away.

“where are we going Hazz?” I asked

“I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise!” he said

“aww c’mon babe, please?” I begged and kissed him on the cheek.

“as much as it is tempting to tell you babez but I kept a promise to myself not to you, sorry” he said

“pft…” I mumbled.

“cheer up sweetheart, you’re gonna love it” he said smiling

“alright Hazz” I told him

-A few minutes later-

We arrived at a restaurant next to a beach. As we walked to the entrance, Harry stopped.

“KayBaby, can you put this blindfold on? I want this to be the ultimate surprise” he said smirking

“ok fine” I said putting it on.

We started walking. As we entered the restaurant, I could hear a lot of people chatting, it was so noisy. Then all of a sudden, the noise disappeared.

“ok, one more step, you can take it off” said Harry, releasing me.

I took the blindfold off. O-M-G! I literally had my eyes wide open. I was shocked and my heart melted.

“Oh Harry!” I said giving him the biggest hug ever “I LOVE it!!”

“told you” he said smirking and giving me a kiss. I kissed back passionately.

We are at the beach. In front of us, there is a table with formal plates and utensils on it. It is the most romantic thing Harry has done. He pulled out the chair for me.

“thank you” I said

“you’re welcome love” he said

“hello, what can I do for you two love birds?” asked a familiar voice. I turned around and saw… LOUIS TOMLINSON, dressing up like a waiter.

“well…” said Harry.

WTH?! As Harry told Louis what we both want to order. I kept my laughter, so I smiled at them. I couldn’t believe Harry would do this kind of thing. Louis being a waiter is very hard to convince. When Louis was out of site, I burst out laughing.

“OMG. You’re kidding me right? Louis is the waiter?” I laughed

“well, I just want to make this date interesting” he said laughing with me

“oh I love you Hazz” I told him

“I love you too babez”

The rest of the night was funny too. Zayn came to us with our starters. Liam came to us with our main dishes and Niall came to us with the desserts. I couldn’t help myself but laugh. I mean, how did Harry convince them to do this? It must have taken ages!

So after the dinner, we strolled along the beach. The moon was up and the whole view was amazing. Well… amazayn, if you get what I mean. We stopped by under a tree.

“you look so beautiful today… muffin” he said trying to come up with a nickname for me

“aww thanks babe” I said.

We looked into each other’s eyes. It is heaven looking into those sea green eyes of his. I usually get lost in those. We leaned forward and kissed each other. It was amazing. That’s all I have to say.

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