A little thing called fate

Tiffany Arlene is a 16 year old homeless girl who's been raped and taken to London what happens when she runs into the one and only 1D which will she fall inlove with


7. A little thing called fate

That night I was gonna leave Karen's home Geoff had arrived and I finally met him and Liam's sisters they were so sweet but than skyler feel asleep so I had to leave with zayn and his sisters . Waliyah carried skyler into the car while safaa and zayn followed her I helped Karen , Geoff , nicola and Ruth clean up then when I was about to leave Liam grabbed me from behind " I love you and ill miss you babe" I smiled "ill miss you too " I turned around and kissed him " I have to go now ill text you later on" he smiled "sounds like a good idea" I walked out in the dark street and spotted Zayn's car I got in "sorry for the long wait as I opened the door to the passenger seat next to zayn I turned around all of the girls were knocked out . He smiled "it's okay " I got in as he started to dive a few minutes later he began to speak " Tiffany there's something I want to ask you?" He stopped at the red light "sure zayn what's up ??" The light turned green he began to drive again "are you and Liam dating ??" I looked at him "im not sure " "oh he said but I wanna tell you something " sure " he parked the car than put some sort of window up between him and I and the girls "listen Tiffany I know I may have a girlfriend but I still like you nothing is gonna change that from that moment I saw you in nandos yes I know Liam is like a brother too me but it kills me cause I want you to pick me don't lie and tell me you to aren't dating you both made it so obvious " he said with a tear in his eye "zayn I know you've liked me for quite a while and I really don't know if me and him are dating he hasn't popped the question and zayn you and Pierrie are together don't take her for granted she might have been the one all along she seems like the perfect one for you" he looked down than looked back up with tears falling from his cheeks " you know what forget what I just said " he started the car "zayn " "shut up leave me alone " tears filled my eyes too he started the car I couldn't handle o see him hurt I reached over and hugged him he put his hands around my waist "it's okay zayn I'm sorry " I said "no Tiffany it's my fault I shouldn't " "it's fine" he hugged me tighter "what was it that you talked to Liam in the room?" Zayn asked me I pulled away from the hug " skyler mum is Kirsy I don't know how to break it to her I love her to much to let her go " he got sad "tell her in a calm way go with your instinct " I looked at him "I am for skyler" he smiled and hugged me then broke the hug and started driving I feel asleep . I felt like I was being carried I woke up and saw zayn "what the" he chuckled "where here I decided to pick you up and bring you " he said whispering he opened the door and put me down next to skyler than kissed my forehead "goodnight " he left I couldn't sleep at all so I took out my phone I had like 20 messages

Hope you liked your present Tom Daley

Lmfaooo I did he was very sweet thank you love you haz goodnight :) xx -sent-

Hope she liked her present we kept searching and searching today love you Tiffany

She did and awww and I love you tooo -sent-

The food was AMAZAYN love you:)xx

Glad you liked it lol love you tooxx

Why thank you for the invite Danielle said she's sorry she couldn't go she had to practice but she sent you something okay love you beautiful give skyler a kiss :)xx

It was no problem and its okay I get it and I love you tooo and will do goodnight -sent-

Hey I'm so sorry about today I was gonna go but ofc practice for the show hope you aren't mad at me ?? Love you hope the party was fun :)

It's fine and we did and I'm not love you too dani :)xx goodnight

I miss you will you be my girlfriend ill protect you and keep you forever in my heart :)xx

I don't now Liam right now I know there are feelings involved but can we wait just a little ?-sent-

I felt bad and even more now cause what zayn had told me

Goodnight beautiful :* xx

Night zayn -sent-

I couldn't bare to think of Liam and zayn I kept thinking about skyler and how I was suppose to tell Kirsy she's the mother how oh how I wish that this wasnt happening to me sometimes I regret leaving to Liam's as I looked up at the dark ceiling than my phone vibrated

Okay babe just let me know I'm here but I miss you and those kisses :)xx

I will and I miss you more and ohh you do now -sent-

-New message -

See you tm

See you -sent-

-new message-

Well you are wonderful and I just love feeling your lips against mine . ;)

Why thank you , you are quite the charmer as well and I love that too <3 -sent -

I put my phone down again and started thinking I wrapped my arms around skyler and feel asleep

-a week later -
I told Kirsy that skyler was her daughter at first she didn't believe me but I showed her the results we cried and she thanked me today I'm giving her skyler I've told everyone they aren't as happy neither am I but its for the best skyler had came and layed next to me she saw tears in my eyes and took her little fingers and wiped them than hugged me I guess she could feel the pain I was going through anywho I packed her stuff the night before so that was out of the way I got her dressed
Than I got dressed
I went outside to go to the bathroom the whole family was over also Pierrie and her mum "good morning everyone " I said "Goodmorning Tiffany " skyler just waved we made our way to the bathroom and brushed our teeth when Tricia knocked on the door I opened it "hello Tricia " she smiled "hello I just wanted to say that there's food for you and skyler at the counter where are you two headed off today??" I smiled than frowned a bit "thank you very much and well I found this little one a home " she looked at me confused "zayn can tell you " she smiled "okay sweetheart " I cleaned the bathroom than grabbed skylers hand and we walked outside safaa gave us our plates we ate than finished leaving "we'll everyone I must go thank you for the breakfeast ill be back later " they smiled than waliyah and safaa hugged skyler I got hurt stuff and we were out the door my phone started ringing it was liam I picked up
"Liam hello"
"Hello beautiful what are you doing" his voice a little angelic
"Um walking to the bus I'm gonna take skyler to your mums remember she goes with her mum today "
"Right why take the bus when I'm behind you "
You stopped you saw the car and closed the phone liam got out pap came out of nowhere and helped me into the car with skyler "thank you Liam" he smiled and started to drive as he started driving I started crying "I can't do this Liam I love her " he kept his eyes on the road " I know Tiffany but its the best thing you could do " I wiped my tears "I guess your right " he grabbed my hand and held it . A few minutes later we arrived at Karen's house you opened the door for skyler and carried her and Liam got her things . Paparazzi were taking pictures asking questions we ignored them . We got into the house Karen ,Geoff had sad faces Kirsy was smiling but who wouldn't she finally found her daughter . I went up to Kirsy and she smiled nervously I looked at Kirsy "may I spend a few mintues with her if you don't mind" she smiled "sure take all the time " I went into Liam's bedroom I grabbed her and put her in my lap "I love you princess " I hugged her and hummed little things she felt right to sleep . I put her in her stroller and gave her one last kiss than Kirsy gave me a big hug and kiss than looked at me "you'll be able to see her anytime you want my doors are always open for you all thank you so much Tiffany" I smiled we all did we hugged her and she left I started crying Karen grabbed me and hugged me tightly "don't worry she's with someone who will love her like you did" I grabbed her tighter " I know " she whipped my tears and hers as well than she got up and went to the kitchen Geoff followed her than liam hugged me tightly "Tiffany tonight your coming to my house with me okay?" I nodded Karen came out with a cup and handed it to me "it will make you feel better" I took the cup and drank the tea . 5 minutes later I felt sleepy I felt my self dose off I woke up . It was a dark room id recognize the room it was Liam's alright it smelled like him I got up and found the boys laughing they were on twitcam and they were listening to drake I walked out they all looked up and smiled "Tiffany !!" Niall came up to me and hugged me "hey guys Tiffany is here" said zayn "Tiffany come here say hi " Liam pat the empty space next to him and the guys kept calling your name you looked at the mirror "HOLY SHIT THAT'S HOW I LOOK" the guys looked at me I ran to the bathroom fixed my hair and cleaned the access mascara and eyeliner than walked out. They were still on twitcam Liam patted the empty spot I walked over and sat down and said hi it was very weird but I got a lot of positive comments about skyler . That made my day than the boys all had to leave so we said goodnight to the fans they were very sweet than my phone rang it was .....

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