A little thing called fate

Tiffany Arlene is a 16 year old homeless girl who's been raped and taken to London what happens when she runs into the one and only 1D which will she fall inlove with


5. A little thing called fate

"It was" I got up and put the blanket around me " I need to go pick skyler up" he got up and came up from behind me "don't go" a tear came down my cheek "I have too " he turned me around "please come back " "I will " I went to the bathroom took a shower and got dressed than it was Liam's turn I sat down to watch tv and thought to myself i just fucked Liam my god that felt so good i got up and closed my eyes and caressed my arm the way his skin touched me that powerful touch that sent sparks and gave me goosebumps I felt like I was in heaven in his arms with zayn it's different it's like when he smiles I melt but than again he's in a relationship I respect that anyway I felt someone hug me from behind me my eyes still closed he's hands wrapped around my waist I giggled " I really like you Tiffany I don't want no one to come between us ever " I turned "promise?" "I promise " he kissed me again we started walking towards the door we got into the elavator and into the car he put his arm around me and kissed my nose a few minutes later we arrived at Liam's mums house she opened the door Liam's mum opened and greeted us whe we walked in a saw a lady playing with skyler they looked much alike "Tiffany " Liam's mum began to speak "this is my friends daughter Kirsy she and skyler get along great " I looked at her than smiled " they look alike " I said Kirsy smiled disappeared Liam and his mum went to get drinks I sat down next to Kirsy"so Tiffany how did you meet this cutie?" I looked down skyler smiled and came to me "we'll I was raped and brought here I don't remember my family well but I was pregnant I lost the baby a few weeks ago but skyler I found her crying in her stroller I watched the stroller all day no one paid close attention to it than at night I Hurd her cry I ran to the stroller and got her ever since I've taken care of her " I said and a tear came down my cheek Kirsy shed a tear as well "wow that was powerful I'm so sorry about you're lost" Kirsy told me "it's okay but I have a guardian angel watching over me " she smiled "was it a boy or girl ?" I smiled another tear came down "it was a girl her name is Stella Nïcole " she smiled again "that's such a beautiful name" "thank you how about you did you have children" she frowned "about a year ago about to be 2 in 5 days I gave birth to a beautiful daughter I don't know how she looks like but I hurd her cry that's all than a hour after she was born she was taken idk who but I searched and searched I couldn't but all I know where ever she is she's always in my heart " I teared again "so sorry" Liam and his mum came I liam sat next to me and his mum next to Kirsy "Kirsy " said Liam's mum "yes mamm " @would you like to come on Saturday it's going to be skyler 2nd birthday" she smiled "of coarse " "YAY CAKE" said skyler we all laughed liams mum gave me a stroller than I had to go back to Bradford I said goodbye to everyone than left
-45 min later-
Skyler had fallen asleep thank god for the stroller and I arrived at the Malik's house I rang the door bell zayn answers no one was home yet he helped me with the stroller skyler was still asleep "thank you zayn " "no problem babe" zayn picked her up than put her in the room while I put the stroller away than I went to the kitchen and got a apple when I felt Zayn's hands around my hips as he whispered " you're so beautiful can I steal a kiss ?" "No you're in a relationship " "no not anymore where not together see " he showed me a photo Pierre kissing another guy "so that can be photo shopped " "it's real" he showed me more proof "zayn I'm not kissing you I like liam an I might date him stop " "you might we can have a little fun besides I know your tempted "yeah w.e " I walked away he grabbed my hand and pinned me to a wall "zayn sss" he put his finger on my lip than took his finger and ran it down my chest than took his hand and squeezed my boob "you like that " "zayn stop" he leaned in and kissed me his lips were soft I couldn't resist so I kissed him nothing more i felt bad than made him stop "zayn I like Liam I'm sorry " I ran into the room and laid in bed thinking about Liam and zayn and how I'm falling for both my god than that girl Kirsy how in 5 days is the anniversary of her daughter missing and skyler birthday what if she's her mom my god I can't loose her but at the same time I don't have much to offer her as a mum

Zayn's pov
Goddamn I want her I want her I want her I love Liam but I can't stay away from her

My phone vibrated it was Liam

Hey tiffany hope you miss me I sure do I want you to be mine will you?? pleasexx

I was shocked
I texted back
I'm not sure yet yes we had sex but idk someone kissed me but now I like you both sorry

2 minutes later

I'm not mad but I don't fight but I will fight for what I like and I know who it was zayn just texted me
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