A little thing called fate

Tiffany Arlene is a 16 year old homeless girl who's been raped and taken to London what happens when she runs into the one and only 1D which will she fall inlove with


4. A little thing called fate

A few weeks later
Tiffany was had a book and skyler in her hand "where are you going" tears ran down her cheeks "I'm leaving" "no where are you gonna go" " to my friends house don't worry ill be fine" I went up to Tiffany as more tears fell "you don't need to leave I want you to stay I like you Tiffany please stay" she cried I hugged her she pulled away ""sorry Liam I have to go" skyler looked at me and hugged me "bye Liam " "bye babygirl" Tiffany grabbed her hand and walked out the door tears ran down me cheeks

I couldn't believe what just happened I left him why Tiffany why you dumb bitch well I can stay with rose I hope I walked out paparazzi followed me I ignored them and got to rose house
-with Liam -
I Hurd the door knock than the boys voices "Liam Liam you okay answer Liam " I opened the door with tears in my eyes the boys all hugged me they talked to me but I just talked but I cleared them out

I got to rose house as I knocked on her door I heard her crying too I knocked on the door she cleared her tears "Tiffany!!" "Hey rose you okay??" "Yeah what are you doing here?" "We'll I left Liam can I stay with you" "sure why not " we went in than her phone rang I saw her say no leave me alone she hung up now looking scared "Tiffany you can't stay but ill ask my friend waliyah if you can stay at her house with her family I'm sure they won't mind you can't stay here with her it's not safe ill talk to waliyah and her mum to see if you can stay okay ? Here's her address and money they live in Bradford" "but ... Just go now" she opened the door and me and skyler started walking we got in the bus I Hurd something ring in my bag it was Liam's blackberry it was texts messages from the boys and a message from rose on fb I opened it she said yes her family said I can so i got to the house I rang the door a lady and a teen answered the lady started talking "hello there you must be Tiffany and this cutie must be skyler" "I'm waliyah and this is my mum " they were both so cute "why hello thank you for letting me stay here with my daughter " they smiled "no problem " we walked in "is she your real daughter?" Asked the mom "no she's not but I've taken care of her for a year " "oh how cute " said the mom we walked into the living room 2 girls where sitting down smiling we all sat "Tiffany these are my two sisters doniya and safaa" "hello nice to meet you" said doniya "hello " there mom introduced me and told me they have a huge family and a son he's famous and that I can stay as long as I want skyler started to cry out of nowhere and safaa gave her toys and started to play with her they started telling me about there soon that he's famous and he's coming over for dinner they took me to there sons room that was gonna be my room his room was smelled so good my god skyler started crying again so I made her a bottle and put her to sleep the door bell rang I came outside and helped safaa , doniya and waliyah with stuff they are really sweet anyways I came out to the dining room and saw zayn "zayn??" "Tiffany" we looked into each other eyes "wait you guys know each other?" He smiled "yeah she used to ..... Never mind" everyone looked at us we sat and ate when zayn called me outside everyone stayed inside he lite up his ciggarate "how did you?" "My friend told me about them I knew nothing about them as your family I can leave " zayn laughed "it's okay babe don't apologize " I laughed good thing it was night time he didn't see me blush "we'll I gotta go I'm gonna go help see you around " "wait no hug!?" I hugged him I felt perfect "bye " I opened the door and was still red doniya safaa and waliyah had grins on there faces "someone likes zayn" "no no i don't " they laughed "it's okay you can like him we like you " I laughed " na he's taken " "not for long " "oh lol well goodnight sweet dreams night" they said the same I went inside the room skyler was knocked out I changed when the door knocked I opened it it turned out to be zayn "what are you doing " he smiled "I decided to stay over can I sleep on the couch " "sure it is you're room isn't " "yes" he smiled he took some sheets and made himself comfortable "night zayn " "night love " I blushed again I turned on the phone a million messages from Liam I replied to him saying I was okay and that I need some space and that ill see him soon and that I was thankful for someone like him and I hope he finds his girl of his dreams I cried and felt asleep
Next morning I woke up skyler has been sleeping a lot but I left her zayn was still asleep I walked outside where Zayn's sisters and cousins were hanging out "morning Tiffany I'd like you to meet shailyanne, palvisha,saffa,zarish,sashaa,sarooha,daniaal,arbaz,Mira,shariq,Aarosa,jazade,Jawaad they all greeted me they are all so sweet when we hear a door open it was zayn coming out of my room it got quiet "morning everyone " everyone looked at me than spoke "morning " he sat down next to waliyah "we made breakfeast it's on the table" "thank you " I Hurd skyler cry and ran to the room "tiffy" I picked her up "hello my beautiful baby " I kissed her "lets go brush our teeth and get ready " I picked her up and walked outside with our tooth brushes everyone said "hello" and we continued to the bathroom I got her dressed and ready I straighten my hair and put a jean shirt with leggings and my boots we walked outside everyone had left except zayn "zayn??" "Hey babe" I blushed he chuckled "hey there skyler" he put his hands out she ran to him they were giggling " I need to go now zayn" "where you going" I looked down "remember wherei gave you the biggest attitude " "yes I do you're gonna go back to nandos" "yes even if its an hour and I need to see Liam tell him I'm okay and she's gonna go to his mums house " "okay see you tonight if not ill pick you up " "no no it's fine I can ask Liam" he looked down "okay " he came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek I grabbed skyler hand than we left
We got on the bus and I checked my phone Liam texted me again
Can we see each other please I need to see you and skyler I miss you both
I texted back
Yes , meet me at your mums house okay
2 min later he texted again
Okay see you there
1 hr later I got to Wolverhampton I rang the doorbell Liam answered "hello Tiffany " "hi Liam" "leeyum" skyler hugged Liam "skyler ive missed you" "me tew" he picked her up we went inside his mum was watching tv skyler ran to her "Skyler how are you " she hugged her Liam was behind me "hello ms Payne " "hello love " I went and hugged her "well you two go on ill watch her for you " "thank you mum see you in a bit " we went outside into the car it was quiet at first we got into the car he looked into my eyes now crying "Tiffany do you know the pain I've been through without you " "Liam it's been a day since I left I couldn't deal with you cause I know how much you like me the lost of te baby changed me I couldn't effect you like that I care about you you deserve to be happy Liam" "Tiffany your my happiness and that wasn't ii tried making you happy I like you a lot " "I do too but I can't Liam " "what can't you" "he was close to my face "cause cause I don't wanna get hurt " "I wouldn't do no such thing " I stood quiet the song kiss me came on (note :play the song kiss me - Ed Sheeran came on) he started to get closer to me he closed his eyes and leaned in I did too I felt his lips so soft his hair too I couldn't I missed his lips I want him in me he made me want him he started messaging my boobs "Liam stop lets go to your place please " where do you think we were going " I smiled we got to the his place we opened the door he closed the door behind him I felt him behind me I could feel his boner on my ass he started kissing my neck I turned around "fuck me Liam!!" He gave me a huge smirk and picked me up my legs curled around his hips he was kissing me we got to the room he sat on the bed with me still on top of him humping his boner he took of my shirt and started sucking and biting them etc .. The thew me on the bed I took of his shirt and boxer he took off my clothes "ill promise I won't hurt you okay" he said before entering me he looked into my eyes and I felt him inside me it felt so good "Liam faster faster " I moaned "mmmmmm " "you like that huh " "go faster " he felt so good he kept thrusting and started kissing me and took his hand and started massaging my clit "goddamn Liam your fucking amazing " after a few minutes he laid beside me out of breath "that was amazing tiffany"
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