A little thing called fate

Tiffany Arlene is a 16 year old homeless girl who's been raped and taken to London what happens when she runs into the one and only 1D which will she fall inlove with


3. A little thing called fate

I woke up bleeding I woke up Liam he grabbed woke up and ran next door to Harry's loft he told Harry so Harry came over he hugged me we went downstairs and waited for the taxi I started blankly at the road infront of me a few mintues later the black taxi came and picked us up I got in the car and said nothing I kept thinking of my baby my hand cradled my belly as tears came down my face Liam kept talking to me than idk what happened I think I blacked out I Hurd doctors , Liam everyone screaming "she's lost a lot of blood get her into the in ER now!!!!!" I saw Liam and that's where it left off I started dreaming of my baby it with skyler and Liam holding her she was beautiful I loved her even if those fuckers raped me she was still my daughter

With Liam
"What's wrong with her what's wrong with Tiffany " "she's lost a lot of blood we will take care of her you can't come in" I cried and cried zayn Niall and Louis came and helped me out I couldn't "I really like Tiffany I don't wanna loose her " Niall started crying "it's okay we're here " they all hugged me than a nurse came to me "which one of you are Mr Payne" I rose up "I am what's wrong with Tiffany is she alright how about the baby?" she sat me down "she's okay but she did loose a lot of blood she will wake up tomorrow " I got relaxed "and the baby" said zayn the nurse looked at me "are you the father Liam ??" "No I'm not" she looked down "she had a miscarriage " I cried more the guys helped me I felt so bad for Tiffany "you can't tell her mr Payne we don't want her in more distress shell know herself but right now you all can pass and see her she is sleeping" we all got up and followed the nurse she opened the door there she was in bed she was pale she looked nothing like before she looked like she was really sick I cried I grabbed her hands they were icy cold the guys cried more I warmed up her hands with mine "Tiffany I don't know if you can hear me but I will always be here for you and skyler " I got up and kissed her on the lip and left the boys said goodbye too

Awww Liam is so sweet I don't deserve him I really like him I can't sleep I wish he knew that I can here him his lips and hands are warm and soft ahh "how is the patient doing " I Hurd the doctor say "she's fine " said a lady "she's lost a lot of blood" "yes she has she's strong and her guardian angel is watching over her now " "that's very true " I Hurd the door close . I lost my baby noooo just calm down god please help me I prayed and prayed

-next morning -
Everyone was around me they were all quiet usually there loud I started moving "she's moving" I Hurd someone say I opened my eyes I was surrounded I looked at Liam his eyes were red "Liam why are you crying" he had tears in his eyes again so did everyone someone knocked on the door we looked it was the doctor "good morning Tiffany " everyone backed away "morning doctor " I looked at him in a confused look "how are you feeling?" " a little sick " "we'll that's good " "what happened to me doctor I know I woke up lastnight bleeding is my baby okay????" I screamed he stayed quiet "is my baby okay I started crying Liam came to me and put his arms around me "no please please don't tell me " everyone looked at me I cried even harder "I'm sorry Tiffany but you had a miscarriage you almost bled to death I cried even more I couldn't believe I had lost the baby I just relaxed and I could go home we waited for it to get darker to leave they gave me medicine we got into the taxi I stood quiet than the radio came on the song "small bump" Ed Sheeran came on I cried and cradled my empty stomach it hurt that I couldn't get to meet my little angel

I saw Tiffany crying it made me die more inside I couldn't take her like that and the song ruined her more we got to the house she didn't speak skyler laid down next to her they fell asleep
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