A little thing called fate

Tiffany Arlene is a 16 year old homeless girl who's been raped and taken to London what happens when she runs into the one and only 1D which will she fall inlove with


2. A little thing called fate

We got to his loft it was very fancy like skyler had fallen asleep on him but he didn't care "we'll I told the guys I found you hope you don't mind they came over ?" "It's fine it is your loft " "you sure" Liam smiled "Positivly " he grabbed the key and opened the door I saw Harry Niall and zayn I saw zayn holding this blonde girls hand I'm guessing that was his girlfriend he kept talking about he smiled when he saw me I just stood like an emotionless robot "k lads we need to leave I'm guessing Tiffany wants to get into bed so does Liam if ya know what I mean " Harry winked "oh shut up Harry goodnight see you tomorrow " Liam said while opening the door for the lads they all said bye zayn girlfriend just waved and zayn stared at me again skyler woke up I grabbed the clothes and skyler while Liam closed the door "ill help you" Liam helped me carry the clothes to the bathroom he turned on the water than left skyler and I started taking a shower
- With Liam-
My phone started ringing who can that be oh god Simon what do you want "Liam what are you doing with that girl and a little girl?" "Nothing there my friends." "Be careful what she does " "ok " I hung up I saw skyler came out the bathroom in her pjs she smelled like a baby she ran into my arms I cradled her she fell back to sleep in my arms I did too

I came out in sweat pants and t-shirt and saw Liam and skyler sleeping they looked so adorable I pat Liam's shoulder he woke up I whispered " where do we sleep?" Liam smiled "in my bed with me if you want ?" "Okay " he picked up skyler and put her in the middle I laid on the opposite side of skyler and Liam laid on the opposite as well he looked me in the eyes and said goodnight he feel back to sleep I stayed up I kinda felt sexually attracted to Liam and zayn maybe my hormones they been crazy oh well I should just go to sleep finally I'm in heaven after all
Tiffany's dream
She's holding a baby girl and skyler is right next to her smiling and Liam and zayn are fighting over Tiffany

I woke up Liam and skyler were still sleeping I looked at the time 3:40 am I felt back to sleep

-next morning-
I woke up they were both sleeping I went to the kitchen and made pancakes then Liam came behind me and hugged me from behind "Goodmorning beautiful" I blushed and smiled he took his hands and laid them on my stomach it sent goosebumps down my spin I turned his face inches away from mine than I felt his minty breath and I blinked and he started to kiss me I pushed him back "sorry Tiffany I didn't mean " "it's okay" I Hurd skyler she came running to me "Tiffany me hungwy" I picked her up and kissed her I got a plate and served her pancakes she gobbled it down I laughed "we'll Liam I need to go to work today " "okay but what's gonna happen to skyler" "hmmmmm I have no baby sitter" "my mom could watch her I told her shes my friends baby and she said she would love to take care of her" I looked at skyler " skyler wanna meet Liam's mum " she nodded than pointed at Liam "bestfwwen" I laughed and grabbed her hand and we went to get ready
-49 min later -
Liam skyler and I headed out the door we got into a limo and went to Liam's mum house we got there she opened the door "mum" said Liam "my boy " she hugged him and kissed him than she looked at me "mum this is Tiffany my friend and her daughter skyler" " hello Both and nice to meet you skyler" "so will you babysit her?" "Yes" she smiled and skyler went with inside tears came into my eyes Liam and I left in the limo I put my head on his shoulder "Tiffany will you come back to my loft and stay for a month or more " I looked at him "okay" he kissed me on the cheek we got to nandos
-skip to night time -
Rose and I closed up it was a long day I walked to Liam's loft he had picked up skyler we ate and took a shower and bed
-4 months into pregnancy and amazing months -
Last four months have been amazing I still live with Liam people are suspicious I also gets love and hate from fans but Liam and I aren't together skyler loves Liam the boys and his mum does too I got to meet Ed Sheeran finally I love his songs he's amazing . I don't know what I'm gonna have either a boy or girl not sure yet anyway today theboys leave to Paris I'm going to miss them all I've made friends with Eleanor and Danielle she has a new boyfriend they both are amazing I feel the awkwardness between Danielle and liam I do feel bad I never say anything and zayn well zayn is still with Pierre we never get along for some reason but I don't know anymore I said goodbye to all the boys they are leaving for 3 weeks I am gonna miss them they left and all gave us a hug than they left Liam kept texting me ofc rumors pap photos hoots and interviews for the next few weeks I hardly spoke to them .
-finally 3 weeks pass -
Liam surprised me with flowers and choclates and toys from the boys to skyler I hugged him Liam was the only guy who made me feel perfect I thanked him a lot and he had kissed me other times I let him we were together and happy
-a month later-
I'm already 5 months and have a grown I love my baby bump I look cute Liam and skyler do too it's night time and we go to bed 2 hours later I wake up and I'm bleeding
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