A little thing called fate

Tiffany Arlene is a 16 year old homeless girl who's been raped and taken to London what happens when she runs into the one and only 1D which will she fall inlove with


1. A little thing called fate

Hello my name is Tiffany Arlene I'm 16 I was taken away from my home back in LA I been homless for 2 months . I was raped by a group of guys they dropped me in this alley they thought I was dead but luckily I was still alive but what I just found out a month ago myself was..... IM PREGNANT!!! yes you read correctly those assholes fucked me smacked the hell out of me than dropped me in this alley in London I'm all alone I sleep here I also found this 1 year old little girl named Skyler I became her mom in a way we are right next to the restaurant nandos I've made friends with one of the waiters they have given us food but that's not enough so today is pretty cold outside so I've decided to go inside nandos the food is amazing my the girl I'm friends with is named rose shes very sweet she let me and skyler into the bathroom and fix up I washed skyler face brushed her teeth changed her shirt and put new pants on her my friend rose gave me and boots and a sweater she also gave me a sweater jeans and some boots they fit perfectly I got ready than walked outside rose had food for skyler and I . her boss came in she smiled "hello Goodmorning rose who are they ?" With a questioning face "there my friends Tiffany here needs a job " her boss smiled "your hired as a waitress and I'm guessing this beautiful little girl is your sister " I smiled " why thank you and no she's my adoptive daughter " her boss smiled " aren't you a little to young to take care of a child ?" "No no ones to young children are a natural resource they should receive love and a family ill make sure she gets whatever she wants " rose and her boss smiled than I put my apron on and skyler sat in the back they had a cot so she feel asleep I wasn't worried as much cause she was finally sleeping in a bed not really but whatever I started taking orders untill these 5 beautiful guys walk in they all looked like they were in there 19 to 21 they were so adorable to caught my eyes one with black hair with a blonde streak in it and the other with brownish hair my lord they were fuckking hot I made my way to the table "hello welcome to nandos how are you today ?" "We're good " they all said "would you guys want something to drink?? " the one with the streak said "sprit please" he smiled at me I felt like I melt . The one with curly hair said" Pepsi " the loud one said " carrots no just playing I would like tea " "what kind of tea " I asked "Yorkshire tea please?" I nodded the one with the blond hair kinda reminded me of a snowflake I kinda laughed when he said" whatever you have ill eat / drink " "okay will do " the one with the brownish hair the cute adorable one smiled at me "I would like to have a Pepsi as well thank you " I smiled "okay I will be back with your drinks in a bit ill be back to take your order I walked away and got all of there drinks a few minutes later I go back I hand out there drinks than the curly hair kid asks me something " what's you're name beautiful ?" I blushed "Tiffany Arlene yours ?" All the boys looked at me shocked "what" I said the cute adorable one said "were one direction " "nope name doesn't ring a bell" the blond one started talking "we'll I'm Niall " than he pointed at the hottie with a streak in his hair "I'm zayn" Niall pointed at the curly haired kid "that's Harry next to him is Louis and that right there " pointing at the adorable looking one "that's Liam " "we'll nice to know you're names may I take your order now they all said "yes" I took there order one by one my body started to ache I guess that was my pregnant body telling me to stop but I couldn't I want a better future for my baby and my daughter skyler so I went back to the table and Hurd zayn talk about how his girlfriend never leaves him alone she's to clingy and how she treats him like a tool and how he could do way better that really annoyed me so I said something " look zayn however the fuck you spell your name maybe she's been through worst I sure have but I've never given up who cares she loves you " he looked at me mad than started eating I went to check up on skyler.
-table with boys - Niall pov
"What's up with her?" Zayn said "I don't know but she does have a point zayn" said Liam "she looks like she can be my type " zayn said "or mine " said Liam they looked at each other "oh boy I see competition " "zayn you're in a relationship you can't just hit on her " Liam said they both looked at each other like they wanted to fight "woah woah boys stop we're in public behave " said Liam and I continued eating

I came out after checking up on skyler she was still asleep my little angel I collected the money from every table than I had to go collect money from 1D "okay that would be £70.99 they all took out there wallets thank god the day was over the guys all said goodbye but Liam and zayn hugged me wow they smelled so good anyway I finished there was food so I took it to skyler to eat than I ate to rose gave us money and a blanket but we couldn't live with her because of her abusive boyfriend so we just stayed in the ally
- boys in Harry's loft - Liam pov
"I need to find her " I said " me too

I left and went around nandos when I saw Tiffany holding a little girls hand they were walking in the alley way then laid out a blanket I walked up Tiffany got scared "holy shhhh" "it's me Liam what are you doing here with this little girl ?" she looked down " umm long story " she kept looking down "do you have a home?" "No I don't this is my adoptive daughter skyler and I'm pregnant " tears ran down her cheeks she picked up Skyler " I hugged them together " look it's cold out tonight wanna come to my place please ???" She kept saying no " please you have a one year old and your 2 months pregnant please " she finally said yes than she grabbed the blanket and put it around skyler she's so adorable I handed my hands out to skyler she came to me than we walked into a clothing store I brought them clothes and walked to my loft ofc pap ruined stuff oh well we got to the loft

He is so sweet after all I love how skyler is laughing she's so cute her honey brown eyes shining so beautifully that's my babe alright and he's so good with kids
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