A little thing called fate

Tiffany Arlene is a 16 year old homeless girl who's been raped and taken to London what happens when she runs into the one and only 1D which will she fall inlove with


6. A little thing called fate -sky's 2nd birthday-

-Skyler birthday-
I'm still living at Zayn's family home there well to be with anywho I woke up looking at the dark room and to laughing and talking I didn't mind I picked up my phone I got a text from Liam .
Hey beautiful I hope I see you at my mums today to celebrate sky's birthday :) please give her a kiss for me okay love you see you soon :)xx
I texted him back
Okay will do :)xx
I got up and fixed my self to see Pierre, zayn , safaa, waliyah laughing untill they looked at me and got quiet until safaa broke the silence "morning Tiffany " I spoke as I saw Zayn's hazel eyes watch my mouth as I began to speak "morning safaa and morning zayn , Pierre an waliyah" safaa smiled so did waliyah Pierre and Zayn just stared at me I didn't care I made my way to the bathroom. Took a shower brushed my teeth than walked out only too see zayn holding skyler and Pierre playing with her he started singing happy birthday and everyone joined I just watched till he finished. I picked skyler up from his arms he looked a bit sad I ignored and went into the room . I hugged skyler "Tiffwany today my bifday" I smiled "yes it is " she hugged me I hugged her back . I got her clothes out than went back out to the bathroom and took her a shower and got her dressed http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-cJeD-gEsXnA/TqGpycmHbcI/AAAAAAAAA-8/63ums91Clvw/s400/Designer-Baby-Clothes-cute-kid-girl-skirts-hair-bend-2011-christmas-new-year.jpg
Than I got dressed curled my brownish reddish hair

Skyler smiled "cute" she said I chuckled and walked out . Zayn stared at me once again so did Pierre skyler sat next to safaa and waliyah "so Tiffany are you going to celebrate skyler birthday?" I smiled "yes at Liam's mothers house would you all like to come??" Waliyah and safaa smiled "sure only if zayn goes" zayn looked at me with puppy eyes "yeah he can " he shot up "okay ill go get my sweater " Pierre looked annoyed "Zayn!!!! What about our date " he looked at her "right we will do it tomorrow she looked more pist than ever "I can't go I promised jade I would go to some party with her "zayn looked at her "have fun" safaa , waliyah and me all looked at eachother "we'll let's go we need to get there before 1 zayn had already got in the car and opened the doors for all of us . Zayn and Pierrie where infront quiet and me and his sisters plus skyler were laughing and taking pictures . We dropped Pierre off at jade house she looked very pist I saw zayn mad too but whatever he shouldn't have treated her like that I picked up my phone the rest of the boys texted me I opened them
I smiled
Yes, niall yes there is gonna be food :) -sent-
I opened the next

Hello there Tiffany, just wanted to let you know I will be at Liam's house but forgot to buy skyler something please tell me what she likes so that I can buy her something Eleanor is also coming we'll see you there :)xx

Hey louis and anything it can be a Barbie she doesn't care . And that's great cant wait to see her see ya <3-sent-

Hello Tiffany I will see you at Liam's mums house with a surprise
I chuckled a little safaa and waliyah laughed too cause I showed them the text .

Hey and oh god I'm so done with those lol :) and see you there -sent-

Hey hope you're almost here :)xx

Yeah I am just a few blocks away see you <3

-3 new messages


Alright love :) xx

Hahahah shut up you'll end up loving me

Oh god stop harry -sent-

I put my phone down I was a little dizzy we got to Liam's house it was funny because we would of thought you'd see pap I didn't noticed what zayn had on but when he picked skyler up his shirt made me laugh
"Really zayn?" "What??" "Your shirt you don't know how to dance but you hella do make videos of you dancing " he laughed "oh well " I walked up to the door I ran the door bell . Liam's mum answered "why hello there beautiful just in time " she hugged me skyler ran to her and hugged her tightly "happy birthday sweetheart" and gave her a kiss and said hi to zayn an his sisters all the boys were there and Kirsy was there skyler ran to Kirsy as soon as she saw her "happy birthday sweetheart" I said hi too her "what about me your uncle" said louis she ran to him and hugged him and so did Eleanor than she ran to niall who was already eating and harry which gave me a huge smirk and to my surprise I saw Lou and lux and Tom Daley I hugged them than I stood and felt these huge arms around me "hey beautiful" I turned around "hey" I hugged him I saw zayn get mad I let go of Liam and safaa and waliyah just stared but I felt like the biggest bitch so I stepped away. Thought the whole party it was awkward but than I received a message I been waiting for ... I left everyone talking and ran to the room. What I haven't told anyone is that I got a DNA test for skyler and Kirsy I couldn't the temptation had me crazy so 2 wks ago I got a hair sample from Kirsy and a hair sample from skyler now I await the results . I picked up the phone and called the office again "hello good afternoon I just got a call from DR.robinson about the results " "ah yes he just stepped out but I can tell you the results if you want" the lady said "yes please " I said this nervousness and feelings ran through my body "Ms.tiffany the results came out 99.9 Kirsy is the mother of skyler " I dropped the phone and felt dizzy and blacked out . A few minutes later I smelled alcohol and everyone surrounded by me "Tiffany , Tiffany" I opened my eyes "are you okay?"said zayn "babe"said Liam I looked at everyone "I'm fine but can I please talk to Liam alone?" Everyone agreed except zayn he was a little skeptical but his sisters pushed him out. I sat Liam on the bed with tears filling my eyes "babe what's wrong are you okay??" I bawled into tears "no Liam I'm not okay I didn't tell you something and now I found out something as well " he looked at me his big hands so warm caressing my face his brown eyes looking into my red tearing eyes. "What is it baby?? " I looked away and cleared my tears with my sweater " I.....I I went last week to the doctors not for me but for skyler." He got sad "is she okay!!" "Yeah she's healthy but remember how I told you I felt like Kirsy was skylers mum??" "Yeah..." His voice more serious "we'll I got some hair sample from Kirsy and skyler Kirsy is her mum......" I started tearing again I looked at Liam he was shocked he had tears in his eyes as well " babe I know and I'm sorry but we need to tell her for the sake of skyler " I cried more he grabbed me while I cried in his neck "ill always will be here for you" you could hear the pain in his voice "but lets go celebrate her birthday " I smiled and cleaned my tears I went to the mirror and fixed myself "how do I look??" Liam smiled "beautiful as always" you can still hear the pain he tried hiding it but I could still hear it we walked outside everyone got quiet "lets eat some cake" said niall I got the plates but we took photos first everyone took a picture with her than it was my turn it was emotional and Liam saw me tear up I picked her up I whispered in her ear "happy birthday princess I love you " she smiled " I love you tew " she gave me a kiss on the cheek I teared a little than put her down and started serving the cake we all sat down after we finished the cake niall brought out his guitar and the boys all started singing little things skyler was on my lap Liam had his arm around me while my head rested on his shoulder . Zayn was across from me liam pointed at me when he sang "i know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, you've never loved your stomach or your thighs
the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine But i'll love them endlessly " I smiled and turned red skyler smiled . They finished the song than louis harry and niall had to leave so I had to say bye to Eleanor too. Zayn, safaa and waliyah, Kirsy Liam's mum and ofc Liam Tom lux and Lou just talked about how the boys have achieved and how much Liam's mum misses him a lot when he's on tour and how he needs to leave soon for a year . But I couldn't stop thinking about skyler and Kirsy and how I would tell her without her freaking out.

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