Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


18. The past, The presant ( Edward's p.o.v)

   Bella and I glided across the dance floor gracefully as she stood on my feet and I took the lead, her right hand clasped in mine and her left hand resting on my shoulder. Her brown eyes glistening as they stare up at me bashfully as we danced. My eyes hardly ever leaving hers and breaking the connection as I stared down taking in every last detail of my angelic beautiful bride. Alice had unquestionably out done herself this time, Bella looked absolutely astonishing and unfortunately was almost certainly unaware of how beautiful she truly had been, it had been a shame she should feel so awkward walking around looking such a hot mess. I’d only wished she could see herself through my eyes, she’d never question her importance nor beauty ever again if it could at all be arranged. That would be my wedding gift to her. Unfortunately, such a thing was uncompromised, I, nor anyone else I knew of, held such abilities. My gift I had to offer her would have to do if it proved to fall through. However, Bella was a simple girl in only the most extraordinary way, I held hardly a doubt in my mind that Bella would be pleased when her gift had been unveiled. I looked over her doting as she endlessly smiled up at me while we danced for the first time as husband and wife. My heart had been overflowing with words I wanted to say, only, none of them slipped past my lips. There were no words for such a perfect moment, no word held it any justice. She’d stolen away my capability to speak. I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

“ May I cut in?” I heard a familiar husky voice speak out from behind me. Could it possibly be? Perhaps his feelings for Bella had truly been deep enough to set aside our differences and honor such a huge part of Bella’s new life. I’d only hoped he would come to help Bella along with this transition. Though I knew she would be unquestionably happy, the night would be incomplete without her best friend to give his blessings and free her from the guilt she had been imprisoned in. As to be expected. I’d have done it for Bella and Jacob had it been the other way around. I had been more than willing to set aside my jealousy and grant my wife the luxury of a dance with her best friend, the man who held a small portion of her heart still.. If it had meant Bella would no longer cry anymore at night when she’d thought I hadn’t noticed.

I stepped to the side forcing a smile to my face and nodded “ Of course! I’m pleased to see you’ve accepted the invite after all Jacob. It means a lot to Bella and I!” I said politely. This is for Bella and don’t you even think for a second that this has anything to do with you leach. It should have been me to marry her and we both know that. Jacob sneered in his thoughts. Setting aside the hostility I’d heard in his mind, I proceeded as if I’d never heard a word of it, for Bella’s sake, allowing her to believe that all had been fine between Jacob and I. Just for the night, as it had to be perfect, I wanted her to be burdened with no worries.” Be certain to judge lightly, as she isn’t the best at dancing!” I said as I stepped to the sidelines and spoke to Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Carlisle.

“ Jacob?…oh my… oh my god… you…you’re here. I don’t.. I can’t believe this. I kept looking around for you, but I could never find you. I was kind of sad that my favorite mechanic hadn’t been there to see ME make a fool of myself!” Bella laughed breathlessly as she threw her arms around Jacob hugging him. I made certain to listen closely to make certain Bella hadn’t been given any grief or was in no immediate danger. I cringed a little at how friendly his thoughts had been but continued to engage in meaningless conversation.

“ Yeah.. Well… I said I’d never leave you, right Bella?” Jacob said, a half a smile raised across his face.

“Your… your amazing you know that?” Bella smiled tucking her hair behind her ear and began dancing. I’d truly wished that I could hear her thoughts in that moment and how much meaning those words had held. But that too had remained uncompromised.

“ Naturally!” Jacob laughed as they danced.

I could no longer hear what had been in discussion but I kept closely tuned into Jacob’s mind. Every once in a while he would shoot a glare in my direction. I hardly minded. As I understood how this day had been nearly as mournful as a funeral to him. My gain had clearly been his loss. I may dislike him and disagree with his actions, but I still had felt sympathy for him as the situation could have easily been in reverse. And Bella was a huge loss to suffer, to anyone. I’ll kill him, I’ll take pride in tearing him to pieces under my teeth as you watch in horror. He will think twice to have ever touched you, how could you want to be such a disgusting parasite. He’d thought in his mind viciously, his thoughts alarming me.
How dare him cause Bella any grief, how dare him think such morbid thoughts while in Bella’s presence. As I approached them I heard Bella cry out “ ouch, Jacob let go, your.. Your hurting me! She struggled to jerk her arm away, fear in her eyes but his hold didn’t let up. “ Let go of me!” She pleaded worriedly.

“ Un-hand her right now mutt!” I hissed at him angrily as I pulled his hand away from her arm. She looked down at her arm rubbing it where a bruise began to pool to the surface. This had enraged me that he should ever lay hands upon a woman in such a barbaric manner. It had been absolutely inexcusable behavior, especially when the woman had been my fragile wife. He possessed great strength and should not handle her in such a way, her bones could have easily been crushed. I crouched down hissing at him, a deep roar came from his chest as his eyes changed color, fists clenched. “ Don’t you EVER lay hands on my wife EVER again!” I sneered. He launched forward at me as I started towards him hissing. “ NO, JACOB, DON’T!” she yelled running at is in interference. My eyes widened in horror as I watched Jacob back hand her and she went flying across the floor. His eyes widened in horror too, alarmed by his own strength and consumed in his rage, this had only angered him more, and I became engulfed in rage as my eyes looked over at Bella laying motionless on the ground and then shot back to Jacob. “ I’LL KILL YOU MUTT!” I Hissed launching forward at Jacob. “ Son, don’t. This isn’t the time, nor the place!” Carlisle said grabbing my shoulder. Jacob had been ready to make the transition when a wolf growled angrily from behind him. Jacobs eyes locked with mine his eyes looked to Bella, and then to my eyes again, he let out a fierce growl and then shot off. A howl echoed through the woods. I watched intensely until there had been no sign of him.

“ Bella, Bella!” I cried out as I ran over to the crowed that had formed around Bella, making my way through. I placed my hand under her neck raising her head up. Her eyes fluttered open in a daze.

“ Jacob?” She immediately asked.

“ He’s gone. He ran off before I could rip him to shreds!” I scoffed.

She blinked and a single tear rolled from the corner to her eye and into her hair.

“ It’s my fault. I should have never told him. What was I thinking? I ruined his life and now I ruined our wedding night!” She said crying.

“ No” I shook my head “ Nothing in the world could ruin this night for me Bella. I have you for the rest of my life!” I told her, a grin spread across my face.




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