Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


9. The day the angels cried ( Edwards p.o.v)

Alice stopped dead in her tracks, frozen in time. Her eyes wide in horror ,staring off into a deep nothingness, her skin turning bone white. I recognized this look all too well. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing straight up. A swift chill ran through my body. “ OH NO!” She gasped placing her dainty hands to her mouth. Instantly this caught my full and un-divided attention. I began to scan her thoughts thoroughly. I was mortified when I seen what it was that had Alice in such a fit of horror. I seen my Bella , stepping closer to the edge… I wanted to scream at her to stop, so badly.. , I wanted to run towards her and quickly pull her back from the edge, she was too dangerously close to the edge for my likings. “Bella NO“.. I screamed out loud lurching forward as it all seemed too real, as if I’d witnessed it with my very own two eyes. She had taken a few steps backwards and then quickly ran forward with her arms outstretched and launched herself off the cliff free falling until finally crashing into the ravage and murderous waters. I then began to feel myself struggling to breathe as I was fighting to get up to the surface but the water was too rough, the waves beating down hard on my head, swirling me around in the water, pulling me under deeper, the ocean was set on killing me.. I could feel myself slipping away slowly, becoming closer and closer to the brink of death, …the feeling became all too familiar to me.. I was dying..SHE was dying.. Bella was dying.. , Until finally surrendering to the darkness consuming me, taking in one last breath choking down the salt water, my throat burning. Everything went black, there was no breathing. I was.. , she was, …she was…dead!! I choked horrified, my face twisted in discomfort all I remember thinking.. The greatest feeling that overwhelmed me at that very moment was me wanting to cease to exist. I didn’t have a reason to go on, my unbeating heart felt heavy, as if filled with concrete. Alice began to teeter over but I caught her by the elbows first, pulling her towards me, into a hug. “Alice?”. I asked… hopeful.. Her eyes only made it that much truer.. Confirming my greatest fears. “ No, Alice, I refuse to believe it. She’s strong, she’s smart Alice, she is brave. She wouldn’t do that. Why would she just throw her life away like that? Why would she purposely hurl herself into the icy depths of that water knowing that there was no way she could escape it alive? Knowing that it would destroy Renée and Charlie?” I hissed through my teeth. Her eyes pleaded with mine, full of sorrow. “Because Edward. I could only imagine a life without my Jasper…it almost seems a life unfit of living without him at my side. Maybe it just became too unbearable, maybe she finally realized you wouldn’t be coming back?” She spoke softly, her pixie face falling into her hands. Trader. I thought. How could she have given up on Bella so easily? Was she not her best friend?

“No, your wrong. You’ll see. Your visions don’t always have to be the course followed!” I insisted running to the phone quickly dialing Charlie’s number. Ring, ring, come on pick up the damned phone, ring.. “Swann residence!” a deep husky voice answered. That’s odd I thought? I don’t remember Charlie’s voice sounding so deep and rugged? Maybe it was the anguish speaking? No. Absolutely not, I quickly focused again. “ Hello sir. I was wondering might Bella be around?” I asked trying to mask the panic in my voice... I couldn’t really hear what it was that he said next, but it were the words that followed next that I would hear the clearest.. He mumbled something about a funeral. My deepest fears had been confirmed, I hung up the phone quickly, dropping to my knee’s and screaming out in agony. My love had claimed her very own life. She really was gone. I felt Alice’s hand graze my shoulder when quickly I shrugged away. I didn’t want to be touched, I didn’t deserve to be touched. I didn’t deserve to exist. I’d failed what I’d once been so hung up on doing, protecting my Bella. I’d never in my wildest dreams seen this coming. I never fathomed it to happen this way. I was a fool. I quickly bolted out the door, running swiftly through the woods, further and further away from our home, far enough away that I left it all behind, I could no longer hear Alice’s pleads for me not to go through with it, begging me immensely to come back. My mind had been made up, I was going to seek the voltri to finish me. I had it all mapped out in my mind. I had my mind made up a long time ago that if anything had happened to Bella, that I would follow not long after, because a life in which she didn’t seem to exist, was a life hardly worth existing in. I’d already conjured up this idea when I had thought for a moment that I might have been too late and I might have already lost her, back at the ballot studio.. Remembering once again how that overwhelming emptiness had felt and how suddenly life had lost all meaning. I continued running faster and faster. Not stopping for a single moment. Running through memories in my mind. Bella’s beautiful ash face and her cheeks burning that rose red that I loved so dearly to see , remembering the taste of her sweet lips that felt so good and yet tortured me so.

“wait…don’t go! Edward please stay with me!” I heard echoing in my mind, haunting my memories. Cringing as I seen the pain deep in her eyes, her face tortured, the tears streaming down her cheek as she pleaded with me. I shook my head violently to get the thoughts out of my head. It hurt too badly to remember her that way, to re-live one of my darkest hours.. , knowing that what I would do next would take us both by surprise.. Id walk away from her leaving her under the impression that I had not wanted her any more, leaving her under the impression this was anything but hard for me. Though it was just the opposite. So many times I had pondered coming back to her. If she would have just waited.. I’d made up my mind that it wasn’t worth living like this, that it wasn’t worth staying away. I was going to be selfish.. I couldn’t help it.. I had to go back and see her, to hold her in my arms and smell her sweet fragrant that had proved to be like my own personal brand of heroin. I was going to sneak into her window when I’d heard Charlie snoring, just as I always did, she would cry, I would console her, we would stay up till the wee hours of the night talking.. Catching up.. She would fight sleep like usual until I promised I’d stay the night with her…until she knew I wasn’t going anywhere, I’d hum her lullaby, and she’d drift off safe and sound to a peaceful slumber. DAMN IT!! Damn it ALL to hell!!!!! It was all for nothing now, to my demise, she’d have been safer if only I’d been there.. If only I’d never left her side.. Never left her broken, If I would have never driven her to her insanity. I’d just wished I had something to distract me, but I couldn’t pull my head around the thought that Bella was gone, younger then I’d expected. I’d counted on marrying her, I’d counted on so many thing, she would grow old while I stayed stuck at this god forsaken age, frozen in time. I had counted on her pouting, putting up a fight with me, trying to coax me into changing her.. Cleverly pleading that with each birthday that passed that she was another year closer to dying, another day closer , and that she had already been dying, How little I knew that she was so much closer to death then I had thought. Could it have been possible that subconsciously she knew just how soon her death would be? That she had seen something I’d been so stubbornly blind to? No. It had to have been impossible for her to know that I would leave her and she would in turn claim her life? This only hurt me more to think of this. I felt ashamed now, ashamed that she didn’t expect me to stick around. Or maybe it was that she had betted on the idea too much. I was more of a monster then I had remembered.




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