Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


24. Sometimes to love is to let go ( Edwards p.o.v)

“ Will you please, just ..please..do whatever it takes to talk some sense in her. The… slightest glimmer of hope. Please Jacob?” I pleaded having made eye contact ,my hands buried deep in my pockets, all jealousy aside. This pregnancy had made me nothing but a man of desperation. I had no pride left in me at this point, It was unpermitable, pride would not save my Bella, only a miracle would. My own wants and my own needs had meant entirely nothing to me if it had meant my Bella would somehow be pulled back away from the brink of death and would live a happy life. That.. Was all I needed. And if it's with somebody else, then so be it, may he be the better man, I should only be grateful if he could change her mind, this path she had been traveling down had proven to be fatal and she was deteriorating before my eyes all too quickly, I felt like I was disappearing slowly… like I’d been dying a little more myself.. If it had only been possible. Because Bella, she made me feel like what I was doing was living, she made me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt. Jacob sneered at me, he held no remorse for me and only seemed to be more angered by me then usual, in which he had the right.. I myself had been self loathing. To have ever been so selfish and irresponsible placing Bella in any danger such as this, for this to have been the end result. I’d wished now more than ever.. No matter how close it had brought us and no matter how magical the moment had been.. Had I only had the strength to turn her away… had I just held her and made her feel as special and desirable as she was without having lost control and becoming physical, there had been many other ways, we’d managed this just fine up until this point.

“ I should have known you couldn’t handle yourself leech! You can’t even take care of yourself, let alone Bella. You can’t even get your own wife under control!” He baulked. I could take the emotional beating right now at this point, I’d grown numb to words, what was happening to Bella deadened my feelings.

“ Even so” I agreed “ I’ve done all that I could possibly do, the situation has grown dire, Bella will not be talked down from this no matter how much I’ve pleaded with her, no matter what offerings I’ve made. None of it seems to be enough. If she proceeds with this pregnancy, she will surely die!” I said, my voice somber and trembling.

“ You’ve gone and done it, you’ve corrupted her by planting your demon spawn in her, and now its eating away at her from the inside out!” He said, his eyes dark and his voice cold.

“ Please, I’ve went so far as to tell her if it is a baby she desires, you can have as many pups together as she’d like. As I am not able. If it is you that she desires to be with.. I shall step aside and be of no inconvenience in your life.. I’ll be nothing more than a shadow in her past.. Nothing but a mere memory. I’ll give her my blessings first so that she could enter her relationship with you with a clean conscience, freed of any guilt that was not necessary, I’d give her closure, her wounds licked clean so that no wound be left open!” I surrendered, seeming nothing but a sad fool at this point. I’d hardly seemed of any use to Bella at this point as I was afraid she would see past my façade any longer then just a few minutes at a time and see that I was broken and haunted by guilt and great remorse. It took all my might to hold it together as each day passed by and her vitals became weaker and weaker. Carlisle’s expression said it all each time he’d examine her. It had all been so emotionally draining.

“ Alright” he nodded “ I’ll do my best. You do understand there is a chance that she will choose me right?” he asked smugly.

I nodded again, my face twisted in agony. “ I do”. My voice breaking again.

“ And if she does choose me, you're not to interfere in Bella’s and my own life ever again, I want you to just forget you’ve ever heard her name… forget she ever existed in your miserable life. Grant her the chance to live a normal life.. A happy life. To have a family with me. Got it?” He instructed.

“ I’d never dream of doing such a thing to disrupt any life she may have with you!” I whispered peering off into the distance. I would not allow him the satisfaction of seeing me so miserable.

“ Shall we?” He asked.

He followed my lead into the house. As I neared, some new bruises had appeared on the surface of Bella’s exposed misshapen stomach, I cringed a little at the site… she instantly covered it up when she had taken notice to my reaction. She looked so much weaker and so much more helpless in just the short while I’d been outside talking with Jacob. There was no telling how much time was left if the process had speeded up so quickly. She reached her hand out to me, I took her hand in mine as I knelt beside of her, her eyes barely open, dark rings underneath her eyes almost looking as if to be bruised, she’d looked exhausted.. I held her hand to my lips and kissed it tenderly, holding her hand to my lips for moments, my eyes clenched , thinking of the odds and how there was a chance that if my Bella could be talked down from this, she would be with Jacob Black and she would quite possibly be happier than I’d ever made her, I then pulled back, still holding her hand , I placed my other hand on her cheek and knelt in close “ Bella, my love, Jacob needs a few words with you!” I spoke softly, my eyes searching hers, confusion in her eyes. “ okay, but… what’s this about?” She asked eagerly. “ It will be fine.. There’s no reason to work yourself up, don’t you fret!” I said to her careful to not reveal anything nor my own worries, a forced smile broke across my face as I kissed her forehead, my eyes clenched shut once again. I then looked over to Jacob and gave him a nod in approval. “ Let’s give Bella and Jacob a moment in solace, to be by themselves. As it’s been a while!” I suggested to Carlisle and Rosalie. “ Of course!” Carlisle nodded as they followed behind me. My heart dropped as I left the fate of Bella’s and my own relationship in her own hands. My feelings had been so conflicted at this point. I wanted nothing more to be with her, but in the same aspect.. I knew that realistically if she did stay with me, she would most likely live no longer then just a few short days because she would not terminate the pregnancy knowing that she and I had no other chance besides this one that had somehow slipped past us in our own naïveness, not knowing the potential threats to unprotected sex and the end results. Up until now.. A vampire and human pregnancy had been unknown.

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